Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: With a new baby, comes a new experience. Saints dealing with New Converts.

The worst experience of my life

A new born baby!

Anyone with children can relate. New babies can be a handful. (And then some!) Let’s review some of the aspects of New Babies!

New Babies

• Dirty dippers

• When you change them they poop again

• Crying – It’s not like the can tell you what is wrong

• Taking up my space

o They break my equipment

o Puke on my clothes

o And just ravage all my “stuff”

• Can’t eat a hot meal (This is the only time they choose to cry, other than 3:00 a.m.)

• Taking up my time – little time for anything extra

• Expensive – Very costly

• No sleep – up all night

• The silly thing is just Helpless

When you think about New Converts many of the same things apply.

For Example:

• Dirty dippers (The Stink they bring into our churches. New Converts don’t usually (or ever) bring in great lives, they usually bring in the messed up life.)

• When you change them they poop again (You have to give constant advise, they don’t know how to fix there own problem)

• Crying – can’t tell you what is wrong (They can’t convey what is happening to there spiritual life)

• Taking up my space – equipment, clothes, stuff (They take my parking spot, my seat, my ministry, my position, my friends, etc.)

• Can’t eat a hot meal (We have to give up some meals – fasting)

• Taking up my time – little time for anything extra (We have to teach bible studies, etc.)

• Expensive – Very costly (Why advertise, Why keep putting out on these new people, I’ve been here for years.)

• No sleep – up all night (Talking on the phone at 2:30 to a man from your church that has been drinking and feeling lonely, or you have to drive across the city to have a counseling meeting with a saint who is having difficulty, this after you have put in a 13 hour work day.)

• Just Helpless (They are no help in our church because they don’t know anything, they just take up time.)


• First time he opened his eyes!

o When my little boy opened his eyes and “saw” me for the first time. It was worth it all.

 The long sleepless night

 The sleeping on a hospital window couch

• First time he says “Daddy”

o Oh, he gets what ever he wants.

o Who cares what everyone else says… he said “da”

o (Yes, that was close enough for me)

• First time he preaches

o I have a small child, but I can see in my mind’s eye. My son speaking to people telling them about a wonderful savior.

• When he comes up and says “I love you” for no reason at all.

o Well…

o Let’s just say the world disappears!


• First time he opened his eyes!

o When they understand that revelation for the first time.

o It all becomes worth wild.

• When this “New Convert” is ministering to their “New Convert.”

o When you see this new person bringing a friend or family member, and start to minister themselves.

o WOW! No other feeling of accomplishment.

 They don’t always say the words right

 They don’t always know everything

 (But, you didn’t know everything when you started with them either.)

• They bring you an encouraging word

• Or when they say “Father, I Love You”

o When this New Babe In Christ finally understands Praise and Worship. How to walk on their own.

o You realize all the suffering, all the lack of sleep, all the heart ache, all the suffering, etc.

o Maybe I should say it like this.

o It’s time WE grew up and let the worst experience of our lives, became the best experience of our lives.

1 Corinthians 3:1

And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, even as unto babes in Christ.

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