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• (1). Initial remarks regarding God's wrath.

• (2). Explanation of God's wrath.

• (3). Three truths about God's wrath.

• #1: God's wrath is just.

• #2: God's wrath is to be feared.

• #3: God's wrath is satisfied in Christ.



• A man made an appointment to see his doctor.

• "Doctor," he complained, "everywhere I touch seems to hurt lately.

• Am I getting old or just senile?

• If I push on my knees here, I hurt.

• I push on my stomach and I hurt!

• I press on my head right here by my temple and that hurts too!

• What's going on?"

• The doctor called for a full body X-ray.

• An hour passed and after evaluating the X-rays carefully,

• The doctor returned.

• Stroking his chin, the doctor slowly began,

• "I think I've found the reason why everything you touch hurts."

• The anxious man replied.

• "Well, tell me!"

• The doctor pointed to the X-ray.

• "Your body is fine, but your finger is broken."

• TRANSITION: We live in a world that is broken!

• All you have to do is pick up a newspaper or turn on the news;

• And the headlines will show us a world that is broken and fragmented!

• And you don’t need me to tell you the reason for a broken and fragmented world;

• The problem is ‘mankind’, you and me!

• The Bible teaches we are ‘sinners’ by nature;

• And sinners by practice.

• Born with a fallen human nature and tainted by original sin

Quote: Romans chapter 5 verse 12:

“Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all people, because all sinned”


• While grandad was asleep in his favourite chair;

• The grandchildren decided to play a trick on him.

• They went to the fridge and found the smelliest type of cheese;

• They then went back in to the room where grandad was sleeping,

• And very carefully rubbed a slither of the cheese on grandads moustache.

• Then they ran away and hid behind the curtains.

• It only took a few minutes before grandad reacted!

• He woke up and said out loud, “Phew, this room stinks”

• So he got up and walked into the kitchen;

• Breathed in and said out loud, “Phew, this kitchen stinks”

• So he then walked out into the garden;

• Breathed in and said out loud, “Phew, this garden stinks”;

• “In fact this whole world stinks!”

• TRANSITION: You and I know of course that he was the problem!

• And the Bible makes it very clear that this world is in a mess,

• Because we are the problem!

(1). Initial Remarks Regarding God's Wrath.

• Earlier on in this letter to the Romans the apostle Paul said (chapter 1 verse 18):

• “He is not ashamed of the gospel”;

• That is the good news, the message of Jesus Christ.

• There is nothing to be ashamed of;

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