Summary: The horror of the Cross. The sneer of the crowd. The last words spoken by Jesus. Each of these had their place, but, what about what Jesus heard before He died? What will be the last words He hears from you!

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"Then the soldiers..."

John 19:23a


I. Mel Gibson recently confronted us all with the last twelve hours of Jesus life. From the walk to the horror of the Cross. A cruel way for a man to die? Yes, necessary, absolutely if our sins were to be forgiven.

Many have a tendency to examine the last words spoken by Jesus while on the cross. I think it would do us all well if we listen to the events, actions and words heard by Him right before His own death.

A. If you were there when Christ was crucified, what would He see you doing and most of all, hear you speak at the foot of His cross?

Let’s examine carefully the last things Jesus observed and heard that dreadful day.

Main Division

I. He Heard The Soldiers As They Stripped Him Of His Clothes (19:23)

Can you see it now, as they tried to divide the spoil, one might of said, "Hey where does this garment begin? It has no beginning nor end from which I might rip it apart!" What an illustration of Jesus’ life. Even the very garment was a representation of who He really was. One with no beginning and no end!

II. He Heard The Soldiers As They Shamed Him With Their Crown (19:2)

Platted! Not addressed, not sat, not even placed but platted. Anger filled their selfish hands. They wanted to remind Christ and the crowd that they were making a joke of this man who calls Himself, "The Son of God.." The joke in the end was on them.

III. He Heard The Soldiers As They Secured Him To The Cross (19:24)

"These things the soldiers did..." Over and over the scriptures remind us the part they played. Not knowing they were crucifying their captain. The captain of their salvation. Jesus wasn’t beaten on that day, he was tortured for you and me. There wasn’t soldiers, politicians or curious on lookers there that day, they were animals instead! This is what He saw and heard as He died for all.

Conclusion: Now from Heaven He stills sees and hears. What is He seeing and hearing you do and say when He calls to you today to give your heart to Him?

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