Summary: Pentecost - Woosh and every thing changes, a church is formed, the message given. The world is influenced.

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Then Woosh!!!

Acts 2:1-13

Last week we started a series on Acts, we talked about Like and Thepholus and the ascension of Jesus.

Chapter one has the disciples see Jesus leave telling them to wait in Jerusalem until they receive the holy Spirit. Peter holds an administrative board meeting where they elect Matthias as a replacement to Judas.

In chapter 1 it numbers the people present at 120. It says they were in constant prayer.

Can you imagine it, 120 people packed into a house waiting? Waiting for what?

What will the Holy Spirit do?

Ok, they knew Jesus; they knew that he was the Messiah. But what really changed?

Perhaps, they were more comfortable with their faith. Jesus had proven who he was…That gave some validity to everything he taught. For 40 days Jesus had given them some personal teaching about the kingdom of God. So, their faith is probably stronger that it has ever been.

But, what else is different? They are still huddled in an upper room. Not exactly a position of power or a demonstration of faith. But, let’s give them a little slack, Jesus told them to wait in Jerusalem. The scripture records their being in constant prayer, that is a good sign.

Here is my problem with what little we know; nothing has really changed except that Jesus is no longer with them. Peter is acting like a leader. But, I am not sure that his call to elect a replacement is a valid action. After Matthias election he will never be heard from again. I don’t think it was Matthias fault.

These people in the upper room are not a church.

They are a group of disciples without a leader.

As they sit and pray, they have to start to think that everything ended with Jesus. He was the on with power and ability. They know that they are just a bunch of limited people. They know that each and everyone of them is wounded and lost without their leader.

f something does not happen pretty soon, they will start to drift away.

Here we are on One of the RED days for the Paraments. That means something right? Or is Tom just redecorating?

It means it is Pentecost Sunday. It is day that we celebrate the physical birth of the church.

The word Pentecost comes from the Greek which means fifty.

Pentecost was a celebration on the fiftieth day after Passover. It was a culmination of the feast of weeks (Ex. 34:22,23).

Pentecost is the last day of the season of Passover. On the first day of Passover is the festival of unleavened bread. Which was the beginning of the harvest when the first fruits were brought to the temple.

On Pentecost bread is made as part of the feast and is given at the temple, but because it has yeast, it never touches the alter. It is raised up and praised given to God.

The word Pentecost means 50 and is the 50th day after the beginning of Passover. The Jews celebrate this day in remembrance of the giving of the Law to the people on Mt. Sinai. The day when the 10 commandments, that were written in stone, were delivered to the people by Moses.

For Christians, it is that day the we celebrate that the arrival of the Holy spirit – Jesus Christ sends the comforter and guide to help the followers to remain faithful and to do the work they are called to do. . The sending of the Spirit actually implements the new law with the physical indwelling of believers by the Holy Spirit.

Folks this is a big day, We should be celebrating. This day is probably should be equal with Christmas and Easter…..Because it is another event where the physical presence of God was sent…..this person of God is actually sent to every believer.

It is sort of strange that the culture has not picked up on this event. It is all about individual choices and gifts, the culture likes that. Christmas, it seems like everyone is all over that. Easter, is special to lots of people… But, I realized that not even Christians, exchange Pentecost cards.

Why is that….Why has the culture not picked up on the meaning of the day?

I think there is a big reason. I thinks that Christians are confused by the day and don’t have any sign of excitement for the hungry world to feed off of.

If We don’t have a fire for the day then why should they…..

But, I guess I have left my focus this morning.

The disciples situations have not really changed that much. They are generally un-employed, most away from home, and still in some level of danger from the authorities.

It has been about 10 days that they remain in their upper room hideout….waiting.

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