Summary: Let us do the work of our LORD with joy

i. The LORD laughs at His enemies. Copy HIM. HE has already told you about their fiery end. So, be patient and start laughing. A merry heart doeth good like medicine. Who said Christians must be sad and mournful? It's not a sin to laugh as you can clearly see.

ii. The LORD sings over you with rejoicing. Join HIM. I bet HE will give you the golden buzzer not once but always, and better still HE comes to dwell in your praises and we all can make a joyful noise together.

iii. Notice HIS attention on you, focused on you. Waiting to answer any question you may have about HIS work about anything. Come, let us reason together, said HE. Ask ME, and I will tell you great things. Not my words. Take advantage of this and stop wallowing in doubt and self pity. Ask HIM. If it's not for you to know, HE will tell you, like HE told the disciples about certain events that are only in the knowledge of the FATHER.

iv. Celebrate the failure of satanic plans. Beloved, there is nothing wrong with singing about how The LORD drowned HIS enemies. Make it grand. Miriam style! Think about this, if Pharaoh caught Moses, it would have been a painful death for Moses in Egypt, but The LORD had other plans. Celebrate these plans. Do the “If it were not for The LORD...” Let yourself know and count your blessings.

v. Do a good deed for someone. Don’t record and post it. Preferably, do it anonymously if possible. This one is bound to set off a series of reactions, some people react badly to everything, you just do it, some people react so well, we all end up overwhelmed with good emotions. You will never know unless you try.

vi. Think of the joy The FATHER will have on HIS face when HE sees your face. Think of the warm, fiery embrace. The feeling of “ home at last”. Think of the endless talk until you say “ FATHER, where is .....” Beloved, if this person is still alive. Talk to them about JESUS and eternity. Send them a text or email . Now! Otherwise, I don’t know how this will be.....

vii. Think of how JESUS laughed when the viper fell off Paul’s arm. And I hear there are no snakes in Malta. Talk about permanent miracles. No viper could stop Paul, no viper will stop you, that is if you are on the right path and The LORD has spoken to you.

viii. Think fellow worker in the vineyard of our LORD, how when you did your first work or assignment for our LORD, how heaven boasted about you and recorded it. Maybe you didn’t even know or were not even aware, it just shows you that HIS ways are not our ways and HE is greater than you could possibly imagine. And HE has you in the palm of HIS hand.

ix. Think about how the LORD has forgiven your sins. All of them. HE also forgot them. There is a lake of forgetfulness in heaven, I don’t think visits there are encouraged and as someone said neither is fishing. But let’s wait and find out.

x. Take a nap. HE gives HIS beloved sleep. Look for that soft cotton night dress or t shirt. Don’t wear some of the strange things people sleep in nowadays like straps and strips, there is a reason right minded people designed pajamas. Then say, “ Now, I lay me down to sleep, I pray The LORD my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, I pray The LORD my soul to take”. Relax, if it is time, it is time, if not, you will wake up refreshed and ready to finish your assignments in the vineyard. This is a big one in the vineyard; people are not sleeping or resting. They depend on pills and all sorts of chants on their phones to help them sleep. May The LORD visit you and help you sleep better than a baby, in JESUS NAME. AMEN .. and teach the little ones that prayer, to be said before every nap.

xi. Eat something. Something you like, you could just be hungry. One of the best incidences in the Bible, Elijah and the two cakes, heavenly is just the right word. See also manna, and JESUS feeding those who followed HIM. Beloved, food is not bad, everything in moderation.

xii. Play Nathanael Bassey’s YESHUA ha MASHIACH and prance about like a lion. Be sure to growl and roar as you feel necessary. Look for similar kingdom action songs and engage fully.

xiii. Go study your face in the mirror. See your ears, and your eyes. And you have hands too! Beloved, go do something nice for another person. And do it like you mean it , like it is JESUS you are doing it for. You really are made in the image of GOD. It’s true. Really true. Go study the flowers and the birds too. Your FATHER made them and no one is anywhere near in reaching HIS set standard. Ok, fellow worker in the vineyard, you can use the internet.

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