You will see especially in verses 2 and 9 the reference, twice the Psalmist refers to the Lord as His “refuge.” The word “refuge” has the idea of a “place of shelter” or a “place to hide.” It points to a place to be covered from rain, storm or danger. The hiding place itself speaks of at least three things—shelter, storms, and stability in spite of them. I used to hear a song when I was just a lad of a boy called, “No Place To Hide But Lord In Thee.” Certainly, Christ is the only adequate and sufficient place to hide in this tumultuous time in which we are living. Some folks say we are weak and have depended too much on the Lord. Let people say what they may, we had better know where to flee and obtain help in the time of trouble.

I. In The Time Of Depravity (when you feel dirty)-- Man is totally depraved (Rom.3:23), thus he cannot and will not come to God, unless God first takes the initiative in his salvation (Jn.6:4 4). I am so glad that in the time of my depravity I found a place to hide, under the shelter of the blood of His cross (Eph.1:7). This depravity includes everyone (Gal.3:22), whether rich or poor, famous or unknown, no matter if red, yellow, black or white. Your old nature will tell you that you don’t need God but don’t listen to it. Run to Jesus for salvation when you realize your depravity.

II. In The Time of Destitution (when your feel alone)-- Elijah once felt that only he was serving God in the land. He sensed that He was alone. In 1 Kings 19:10 Elijah said, “I, even I only am left, and they seek my life to take it away.” It is impossible for you to be alone, if you are a child of God even if others are not around you. The Lord promised us that He would–“Never leave thee nor forsake thee” (Heb.13:5). Blessed be God for our constant and invisible companion.

III. In The Time Of Desertion (when others turn aside)-- There may be the day that you alone must stand for what is right, but stand (2Tim.4:7). Rest assured that God will not fail you when you’re alone.

IV. In The Time of Defiance (when others oppose you)-- When you seek to live right and do right, there are those who will rise up and oppose you as you seek to do the will of God. That problem is normally caused by the flesh (old nature) or the devil himself. Do not allow other’s defiance to keep you from doing the will of God.

V. In The Time of Departure (when life ends)–There will be a place for the Christian to hide when death comes knocking at his or her door. Ps.23 says, “I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

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