Summary: "the woman ought to have power on her head"


Scripture: 1 Cor. 11:1-16

Key Verse "the woman ought to have power on her head"


A. "The head of the woman is man" v. 3

1. Men ought to love their wives.

2. Men ought to lead their wives.

I Timothy 2:12 "not to have authority over men"

I Cor 14:27-35->not to judge messages of prophets, but discuss with husband later

B. A Power Shortage

1. Observations of the power shortage

a. Women burning their bras (or at least trashing them) which represents

--> femininity

--> childbirth

--> breasts are symbols of child bearing and nurturing

b. An upcoming gender correct Bible which will reduce masculine terminology.

2. Explanations of the power shortage.

a. These are modern times.

b. Females must experience their freedom and realize their potential.

3. Expectations of the power shortage.

a. Freedom from male domination.

b. Fuller lives in terms of secular successes.

4. Realities of the power shortage.

a. Women fill positions of men and men with families face unemployment.

b. Women dress like men which is an abomination before God.

c. Women act like men.

d. Women leave the men. [*Sometimes for a woman. Lesbian relationships seem to exhibit a power hierarchy. One individual is stronger and more masculine (the husband). The other is weak, needed to be cared for and more feminine (the wife). The head of this relationship often looks like and acts like a man in dress, haircut, sometimes facial features, and voice.

(1) Divorce rate up 700% in last 50 yrs.

Divorce rates in the Unites States are now around 50 percent says the Unites States Census Bureau. This rate is up from 43 percent in 1988. If this trend continues, the divorce rate will soon be at

60 percent.

Provisional 1997 data --> Divorces Annually 1,163,000 (1997)

Divorce Rate: 4.3 Divorces per 1000 population (1997) Source: Monthly Vital Statistics Report, Vol. 46, No. 12

* Use divorce and marriage 1900 -1997

(2) Single-parent homes increased

(3) Juvenile delinquency increased

(4) Teenage pregnancy increased. A teenager gets pregnant every 26 seconds.

(5) Abortion increased


A. For her Husband

1. Honoring her head (authority) v. 5

2. Woman is the glory of man v.7

3. Woman for the man v. 9

B. For the Angels

"because of the angels" v. 10

Power = authority A woman should subject herself to the authority of her husband.

1. Some believe this refers to angels being present in worship services and the females showing proper creation order by submission is pleasing to the angels who are subject to God.

2. Some believe that angels cohabited with human females before the flood and the offspring produced giants. One possible reason for these angels leaving "their own habitation" (Jude v. 6) is that they were "going after strange flesh" (Jude v. 7) which was human females insubordinate to human males as exhibited by cutting off their hair and presenting themselves as vessels of fornication (sexual perversion)

to angels.

C. For God

"a woman prayeth unto God uncovered" v. 13

comely --> seemly, fit

D. For Herself

"it is a glory to her" v. 15

1391 glory = splendor, brightness, a most glorious condition, most exalted state

The Corinthian women who appeared in the assembly without the head-covering were actually putting themselves on the low level of the temple prostitutes. The prostitutes wore their hair very short, and they did not wear a head-covering in public. Their hairstyle and manner announced to others just what they were offering.


A. Substituting for the Glory [Trying to make up for the power shortage by redirecting and providing alternative power sources. Compiling less powerful sources to make up for lost power.]

1. Employ highly talented musicians instead of anointed ones.

2. Employ highly talented vocalists (singers) instead of anointed ones.

3. Institute programs to make up for the loss of power.

4. Build a multi-purpose structure and have organized sporting and recreational events.

5. Teach the people by example how to go through the motions of shouting without any real power.

6. Teach the people that when they speak in tongues (or stammer) that they have the ultimate spiritual experience with power.

B. Maintaining the Glory of God v. 15 "long hair, for it is a glory to her"

1. Believe the Word of God

2. Obey the Word of God

3. Women yield to men and assume their proper, biblical position under man v. 3 and covered v. 5 & v. 6 "let her be covered"

C. Women should be able to pursue employment as well as men and should be paid equally. God has established authority in the home where men should look like men and women's hair should be long enough to show them distinct from men. Men should love their wives as Christ loves the Church and gave His life for it.

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