Summary: When the world is in a down thinking attitude it is best for all of us to remember that Jesus did the impossible thing. He did it! He promised us that He would be back for us! I believe it. There is hope!

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Easter Sunday, 4-4-10 New Liberty Christian Church, Rich McQuinn, Pastor

Veedersburg, Indiana. Mr. McQuinn lives in Lafayette, Indiana

LUKE 24:1-10

INTRODUCTION: Your preacher stands before you today on drugs. He is walking like a duck and his pain level, on a scale of 1-10, is a 4 or 5, but evil will not prevail!


How has your week been going for you? What have you accomplished that has been worthwhile? What is one thing that you can be proud of that you did or has happened to you this week before Easter?

I read in the paper a couple of days ago where the events that happened this last week in the life of one nurse, changed her entire life. She was feeling ill and stopped at the proper place to buy some RX. Inside the store she also bought a scratch off lotto ticket. Wednesday of she won $1,000,000. She will collect $43,000 each year for the next 30 years. I would say that she had a pretty exciting week.

As we look through the pages of Scriptures from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John we find that Jesus has had an up and down week. It was His final week. A week of challenge, of instruction, of prayer, of companionship, of miracles, of defiance, of tears, and a week of sacrifice in giving.

His final week on earth can be divided into three phases. The first two days of the week find the masses of people in a mood of acceptance and praise. Palm Sunday had to be a high in His life. The celebration, the parade, the commotion, the curiosity was all part of the first two days.

In the middle of the week, the same people began to really question who He was and then to challenge His Authority.

By the end of the week, their attitudes had changed from celebration, parties, fun loving things------to anger, rejection and in the end, His crucifixion. It was Murder in the first degree. What a week!

My week was not so dramatized. Upon doctors orders I was to remain in side my home with as little clothing on as possible to give air to the incision that removed my separated tail bone. It has not been fun or exciting, but as I have already said, evil will not prevail.

Christ is Raised from the Dead!

This week around the world, has seen more destruction, poverty, killings, drug parties, deaths and miracles. It may have changed some folk’s lives, but it did not change the history of mankind.

I must confess to you that when I see the results of the mighty earthquakes that you and I have seen recently that tore countries, villages, towns, and families apart, I want to jump on a plane and get to those places as fast as it can. Is it because of my ego, or a willingness to help in a time of need? Is it a need to be where the action is and be a do-gooder? What I know is this. These world shaping events are so important. They do change history as we know it.

Then I am reminded of this simple fact about life. Life does not go on forever. You and I both know that death is going to accrue. Death is real! Make no mistake about it. Everyone of us must face our own death sooner or later, unless Jesus comes and takes us home!

When we view our world, we know for sure that there is no military victory, no break-through medical cure, and no global village that can prepare any of us to answer the ultimate questions in life.

We celebrate today the one single event in history that changes all mankind. Jesus was raised from the dead as He said He would. Christ is Risen!

So today instead of me running off to the earthquake towns, or towns of poverty to put band-aids on a quick fix, I will stand firm in this pulpit and proclaim to you that there is HOPE in the Resurrection of Christ. He is not dead, the angel said, He is Risen. Go and find Him!

There are three things about the resurrection that will fit right at home in your heart today. You did not come here by an accident. It is worth your while today. You may have come in here confused in life as to what your purpose is, of what plan God has for you, or what sins can you get rid of and be forgiven forever. Today is the day. Your needs will be revealed and satisfied. Christ is Risen from the Dead. There now is hope in life, in death and the after life.

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