Summary: For those of us who are in Christ Jesus, there is no condemnation, our past sins forgiven.

1. Condemnation… the word itself sounds heavy & burdensome.

• HOUSES are CONDEMNED… to be torn down & never used again.

• CRIMINALS are CONDEMNED… never to leave prison.

• CONDEMN… literally, “A decision against someone, a judgment!”

• Webster says, “to declare reprehensible, wrong or evil. To pronounce guilty! To sentence… to doom.”


Ever feel condemned? Ever feel like a decision was made against you… ever have someone declare you to be guilty!?

• Remember the last time you were heading down the road, minding your own business, & saw those flashing lights in your mirror?!! ARRGGGH!

• U Look at the speedometer and it says YES, you were fast!

• The officer comes up to you and says “hello, how are you, can I see your driver’s license and registration please?”

• You feel, well, SO busted, like a kid in the principal’s office!

• As you wait there, you can already calculate what your insurance will cost, how writing that check will hurt…

• AND the officer returns to your window, SIR, I’m going to just give you a warning this time… but you know this area has a lot of kids playing in it and you need to slow down!

• OH MAN, HALLEJULAH… what a relief. I’m using that cruise control on every street now! No more. Whew! I’m ok. WOW!

Take that feeling, and multiply it by 10 BILLION and that’s the essence of Romans 8:1

NOTE: I deserved so much but I’m not getting what I deserve…

• In Christ Jesus, there is NO CONDEMNATION.

• That’s good news. That’s great news considering what we just finished studying back in Romans 7:14ff

THE BATTLE gets so heavy. The SPIRITUAL WAR so difficult…

• It’s easy to get so sick and tired of fighting.

• It’s gets to be where it feels like it’s just too much.

• Then with failure always comes this sense of guilt & shame which quickly turns into a heaviness of condemnation!

BUT friends, for those of you who are IN CHRIST Jesus, there is NO CONDEMNATION… your past sins forgiven.

• Your present sins… forgiven. Your future sins… forgiven.

• The Bible teaches us that there is NO condemnation.



• He saves me & you in the whole!

• Because God is NOT working in a past, present, future kind of environment, He’s outside of time.

• He is always the great I AM! Everything is NOW to Him.

• It’s all NOW, and He saves you knowing everything about you!

NOTE: Too many Christians, so many believers are living under a sense of condemnation that they have done something wrong and God just can’t forgive them… God just won’t forgive them!

Here are some signs, some symptoms to look out for. Ready?

#1 – You always feel guilty.

• Whether or not you’ve done anything wrong, you’re always feeling guilty. It’s heavy doesn’t seem to ever go away.

#2 – You are motivated by guilt.

• When someone lays a guilt trip on you, you spring into action.

• And even if someone doesn’t lay a heavy trip on you, it’s gets turned into a guilt thing in your own heart.

#3 – You are a people pleaser.

• When you do good, you expect people to tell you so.

• OR you’re always wanting to be accepted & appreciated and when you’re not, you feel real bad about yourself.

#4 – You feel like God is mad at you.

• The mistakes you’ve made are always plaguing you when you sit down to read your Bible or pray.

• And you actually think God is really, really displeased with you

#5 – You never feel like you do enough.

• You can serve for 100’s of hours, pray all night long, but leave that time wondering if you should have done more!

#6 – You live in the past (not the good past, only the bad things)

• The things you’ve done are always on your mind, even if they were done 25 years ago. They have enslaved you.

NOTE: There are more, but these are the ones that seem to pop up time and time again.

• LISTEN If you’ve made mistakes, if you’ve sinned, and have asked for forgiveness, then God has forgiven you of your sin!

• There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus!


• Have you been born again?

• I don’t just mean that you were baptized as an infant.

• I don’t mean have you gone to church all your life or have you said a prayer here or there…

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