Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Christmas sermon

"There Is No One Else Like You”

Mark 2:1 - 12


1.This one of my favorite stores in the Bible.

2.When we come together in this house, we are coming to to meet with Jesus. At least I hope that is why we come. If Jesus weren’t here, I wouldn’t come either. We come here to hear His word. We come here to feel His Spirit. We come here to gain strength from His presence.

3.We can come together and have a meeting if we want to, but if Jesus doesn’t show up, that’s all it will be is a meeting. I want to come to feel the power of God and sense His presence. I want to come to know the moving of the Holy Ghost in the midst of the church. I want to see his glory fill the house. I come to know the Holy Spirit is in the midst of His church. I want to see His glory fill the house. I want to see souls set free from sin and bondage. I want to see miracles happen. I want to feel the anointing and know that Jesus is here. I don’t want to just have church – I want to have what of my southern brothers & sisters call “Chuch”! I want more than just a good time with all of you. Now you have to know I love all of you very much. But let’s face it, we want a mighty moving of Holy Ghost and fire.

4.Wherever Jesus is, you are going to see people come from everywhere. How many of you have seen people flock to a church or a place where they believe that there has been some great supernatural manifestation, whether it is real or not?

5.While I was pastoring at Apalachicola, FL there was a great revival in a near by city. People came from all over the world by the busloads and the planeloads just to experience that meeting. Now some of you may be saying to yourself, “But some of the things that happened there were not real.” Well, if it was it would be hard to make that determination. But I am sure as in most moves of God some people were in the flesh. But hey lets get real. I would rather be in a great meeting where one person was in the flesh than in one where everyone there was dead as a door nail. How about you? Isn’t that how you feel?

6. The truth is Jesus wanted to begin His ministry earlier. Jesus came to Nazareth and came to the Synagogue but the people refused to accept him. They knew Him and yet they got so angry when he presented the truth of salvation that they wanted to throw Him from a cliff at the edge of town.

7.The same was true of Bethlehem where Jesus spent his early childhood. The politicians were jealous of the prophecies given over Jesus and refused to give Him a place. This is true in churches some times. God is moving and is speaking to His people and yet many refuse to listen to what God wants to do among His people.


I. Jesus had to leave Nazareth for His ministry to flourish and the Holy Ghost to move in His ministry. He said Himself, “I could do no miracles because of the

unbelief.” The same is true in our lives today.

Sometimes LEAVING NEEDS TO TAKE PLACE for revival to come.

A.This is borne out in the Old Testament story of

Jacob and Esau. Jacob had many wonderful promises given to him. They included the inherited promises of both Abraham and Isaac as well and the personal prophesy that the younger son in the family would receive the inherited birthright blessing of Isaac. His mother Rebekah did not do him a favor by using deception and manipulation in helping him gain that blessing. She got him off to a difficult start that would take him 20 years to overcome and return to his homeland. The night he left home was a cold lonely night for him. He slept on the ground with his head upon a stone. The place was called Bethel. He wondered if he would ever see home and family again.

1.GOD VISTED Jacob that night. He saw a ladder in a dream that came down from heaven and he saw angels ascending and descending from heaven. God told him that these angels were going to protect him on his sojourn into Haran and they would bring him back to Bethel again and that this land was going to be his inheritance. So for 20 years the dream of that night stayed din focus in Jacob’s heart and mind. How many times has God visited you in your day of misery and has given you a promise that has sustained you all this time.

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