Summary: The problems we face in life are no match for our God.

There’s No Problem too big to be taken care of.

Open in Prayer.

~ I Samuel 17:23-57

~ Goliath wanted to fight someone one on one. He would represent the Philistines and the other would represent the Israelites.

~ David saw Goliath and asked for a challenge.

~ The people thought just because he was a little boy he couldn’t take care of a big problem.

~ No matter how strong you are in your faith, You do know enough to impact somebody.

~ Tell Jesse Duplantis story of him yelling you are going to Hell !!

~ Saul told him to put on his own armor, but David was not used to it and refused to use it.

~ David stopped trusting in the world’s view on how to fight.

~ Paul says our weapons are not carnal but our mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. II Corinthians 10:4

~ David picked up 5 stones and a sling and left.

The Enemy brings the Sneering.

~ v. 41 Goliath also sneered David because he was a boy.

~ The enemy will try to discourage us by what knowledge we know.

~ He will do anything to destroy us, whether it be telling us about our past or bringing up someone else’s name to give us bitterness.

~ God gave us the answer to all of our problems in his word.

~ We need to quit telling God how big our problem is and start telling our problem how big our God is. He is the final say so.

The Fight

~ David this wasn’t David’s first encounter with a problem, he had to fight lions and bears from his father’s sheep.

~ David had training.

~ Judges 14:8 tells us before we can take on the big stuff, we have to conquer the small things.

~ Before we can handle the big stuff we have to be able to handle the little stuff the build our strength up.

~ v. 45 Goliath had all these weapons to fight a "little boy" while David had a sling and the Word of God .

~ The word of God led David into the victory of Goliath and made Goliath eat his own words.

Close in Prayer.

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