Summary: A Study in First Peter

I. Therefore - we must stop and ask ourselves, “What is the therefore there for?”

A. Conditional statement – everything that follows is based on the truth of the former. – Socrates “Common Master”

Therefore Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary

adv 1: (used to introduce a logical conclusion) from that fact or reason or as a result; "therefore X must be true";

B. The truths?

1. We are loved by God! vs. 2

2. We are sanctified by the Spirit of God! vs. 2

3. We are born again! vs. 3

4. We have a living hope! vs. 3

5. We have an inheritance! vs. 4

6. We will face trails! vs. 6

7. We believe in a real person, Jesus! vs. 7

8. We are able to rejoice greatly! vs. 9

9. All of this we are personally experiencing

II. Since these statements are true, what should we do? vss. 13-16

A. Prepare our minds for action vs. 13

B. Be self controlled vs. 13

C. Set our hopes on Jesus vs. 13

D. Do not be conformed to our evil desires vs. 14

E. Be holy as God is holy. vss. 15-16

III. What does it mean to “prepare our minds for actions?”

A. What do different texts say?

prepare our minds for actions – NIV

gird up the loins of your mind – NKJV

put your mind in gear – Messenger

so brace up your minds - AMP

Get your minds ready for good use – Living

prepare your minds for action – NASB

Be ready for action – See Exodus 12:11

B. What prepares or girds our mind?

1. Sense of duty bound by love

2. Sense of purpose

3. Devotion to:

God’s people

God’s Word

God’s church

4. Remembering what has been done for us.

C. What un-girds us or keeps us ill prepared for action?

1. Personal comfort

2. Bad associations

3. Neglect of time with God

4. Forgetting our hope

5. Forgetting the battle

6. Forgetting our calling

IV. So what am I to do?

A. Ask yourself these questions:

1. How filled is my mind with Jesus Christ?

2. How full of expectation am I with the second coming of Jesus?

3. Do I desire in my heart to really please Jesus Christ?

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