Summary: Theme: "A Portrait Of A Godly Father"

I. The Patience Of A Godly Father (v. 20a-20b)

A. He Was Willing To Release Him (v. 20a)

B. He Was Waiting To Receive Him (v. 20b)

II. The Passion Of A Godly Father (v. 20c-20e)

A. We See It In His Acceptance (v. 20c)

B. We See It In His Action (v. 20d)

1. He Ran To See Him

2. He Ran To Shield Him

C. We See It In His Affection (v. 20e)

III. The Provisions Of A Godly Father (v. 21-24)

A. He Was Covered With A Robe (v. 21-22a)

B. He Was Claimed With A Ring (v. 22b)

C. He Was Comforted With A Reward (v. 22c)

D. He Was Celebrated With A Reception (v. 23-24)

1. The Preparation Behind This Celebration (v. 23)

2. The Purpose Behind This Celebration (v. 24)

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