Summary: A good homecoming sermon to illustrate the point that their truly is no place like home as seen through the eyes of the prodigal son in Luke chapter fifteen.

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Today we celebrate homecoming. For many of you it is a coming home. I am happy and ecstatic that I have the opportunity today to share with you a little from my heart. I want to share with you what I feel homecoming is really about. So my title for today’s sermon is, “There’s no place like home.”

How many of you have ever been to a fun house? One where they have all the funny mirrors that show you in all kinds of messed up proportions. When you look in those types of mirrors many of us see something we don’t like and some of us see things that we do. However, we all know that they simply do not reflect back the truth. It is my opinion however, that many of us would rather believe what the mirror tells us than to look at a true reflection of ourselves. Some mornings I wake up and I say man, I don’t want to look in the mirror I know it will just be me. God, don’t make me go in there, I really am scared of what I see. Or God at least make the power go off so it’ll be dark, because you know people that build houses (Ronnie) they don’t help at all. The first thing they do when they put a mirror up in the bathroom is put a fourteen million watt light up above, just to make sure I see every little detail. So today, even though it might be a little painful, we’re going in there, we’re going to turn the lights on, and we’re going to look.

Have any of you ever compared yourselves with people in the bible? You kind of look at their life and you see a little of yourself, and then you keep reading to find out how the story turned out. I for instance have often compared my life with that of Peter’s. Peters? Paul’s? Mary’s? Hey I think we just formed a band. Well today, were going to share a story of a biblical character that we all can relate to and that’s the prodigal son.

Turn with me if you will to Luke chapter fifteen starting with verse eleven and ending with verse thirty-two.

The young man left home. He left the safety and security of what was certain and found hunger, pain, humiliation, loneliness. Think of all the friends that he had gathered, as long as he had plenty of money. After the money left the friends weren’t far behind. Some people are that way you know. There your best friend in the world as long as they’re getting something out of the deal. As long as you keep giving they will keep on taking. But as soon as something happens they are gone. So he blew it all and then all his “friends” left him.

So then the boy was in need. So he hired himself out to a citizen of that country. You see he made a mistake there. He was hungry so he went and spent some quality time with the pigs. I can see him thinking now. Something is not right in my life. I feel hungry for something, so I’ll go see what the pigs have to offer. Understand this folks, when you feel hungry for something in your life, you don’t look to the pigs you look to the head chef.

This is where our mirror comes into play. We look in the mirror and see a little crow’s foot or a small wrinkle and blemish, and we say to ourselves. We say, I’m not happy with my life, I’m not happy with my job, I’m not happy with my self, What do you thing Pigs? I know just what will work. If I just had some pig cream, it would be okay. Hear this one statement. Your self-worth is not based on what other people tell you about yourself.

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