Summary: Why people still don’t make room for Jesus Christ in the world today.

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Intro: of all the people that missed a marketing opportunity for Christmas, it was the inn keeper who told Joseph and Mary there was no room at his inn. Can you imagine turning down the opportunity of God’s Son being born at your inn. He could have put on his sign, stay at the room where God was born, or had as a motto, if God chose our place so should you. But, he blew it, he missed the mark, and Jesus was born in a manger. But this man isn’t the only one who has missed the opportunity of Christmas, because for so many, there is still no room.

There is still no room

Luke 2:7

Background: this is an amazing story because we know how important Jesus Christ is in the world. To the innkeeper he was no big deal, but to us that know Him, this was his opportunity to open his inn to God. We all know there probably was room, there’s always room.

Zig Ziglar says his brother gets into many hotels that have no vacancy signs lit by saying, if the President needed a room here, you mean there isn’t a room for him. If they say, well for him we would find a room. Ziglar’s brother says, I happen to know he’s not coming tonight, so I’ll take his room.

There’s always room, it is just that many have shut their hearts to God, just like the inn keeper long ago.

Here’s the reasons there is still no room.

I. We Are Way Too Busy—during this time of year this owner of the inn was probably very busy. It was one of the high travel days of the year, and he was probably so busy doing so many things that he missed this opportunity in his life. That is the story of all of our lives, we can get so busy that there is still no room.

a. for most people we live very busy lives. To be honest, it is hard to give the Master any time on our master calendar. People are seldom still and know that He is God.

b. Something funny but tragic is that with all the modern conveniences it was stated back in the 60’s and 70’s that there would be a time when Americans would have a 20 hour work week because of all the time that would be saved. It is just the opposite, now for many 60 hour weeks are the norm and even more.

c. Even Herod said, you go and find him, then come and get me, I’ll then come and worship. He was basically saying, I am too busy to come right now, when you find him, come and get me.

Sometimes we get so busy we forget the most important reason we are here is to worship the Lord, to serve Jesus Christ.

Ill) Yogi Berra was famous for trying to rattle hitters when they came to the plate. Hank Aaron came up and Yogi told him he was holding the bat wrong. Said, you need to hold it where you can see the trademark. Hank Aaron hit the first pitch over the left field wall and when he crossed the plate he told Yogi, I don’t come up here to read. We need to make sure we remember what we are here for.

II. We Have Too Many Choices—there is still no room for Jesus today because in this world there are too many choices. In India they have millions of named Gods, and that is the problem in the world today, why have one God when you can have more. So it isn’t that people don’t want Jesus, there are just too many other Gods already occupying their heart.

Ill) a preacher ran into a deacon after church and said, I heard you

Were at a ball game. The deacon said, it’s a lie preacher and

Here are the fish to prove it.

a. Jesus has become secondary to people’s dreams and goals in life. It is like Jesus might get in the way of my success if I choose to serve him.

b. Why be exclusive, if I let Jesus in then all the other God’s must go, and I’m not ready to kick all the other God’s in my life out right now.

c. People still put up no vacancy signs for Jesus. You can keep the door shut even when you hear him knocking at the door.

III. We don’t have enough faith—another reason there is still no room for Jesus is that we are just too smart for our own good. By grace are ye saved through faith. It takes faith to let Jesus in, and for many faith is just something that goes against the flow.

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Mike Richardson

commented on Dec 3, 2006

Well written and good use of illy's. I enjoyed it and it was helpful to my folks. May God Bless You Real Good!

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