Summary: Story of Exodus 36 when the people gave to much and Moses had to ask them to stop giving. When was the last time we heard something like this happening in the church?

Sermon for 7/29/2001

Exodus 36

They Gave Too Much?


Praise the Lord TV program. Also asking for more money. They had a mansion house and an air-conditioned doghouse.

If always asking for money?


A. Missionary J. Hudson Taylor- When God’s work is done in God’s way for God’s glory, it will not lack God’s support.

B. In this text, we see a successful giving drive for the tabernacle. A place where the Israelites could worship God and where the glory of the Lord could be displayed for them.

C. We see here God’s work, done in God’s way for God’s glory. The support was so much that Moses finally had to tell the Israelites to quit giving to the project.

Thesis: We can learn a lot from Exodus 36. We see here the exactness of the cause (God’s work), the eagerness of the builders (done in God’s way), and the bluntness of the builders (done in God’s way). This lead to the bounteousness of the people (God’s support).

For instances:

I. The exactness of the cause.

A. Moses led the people to Mount Sinai to dedicate them to the Lord.

B. The Lord gave to Moses the Ten Commandments. Ex. 20.

C. In Chapter 25, we beginning to see discussion of the tabernacle. Only presence of the Lord has been in cloud and pillar of fire.

D. Read Exodus 25:1-9. Exactness

E. God gave specific instructions on the tabernacle.

1. Ark of Covenant

2. Table of Showbread

3. Gold lampstand

4. The tabernacle walls and dimensions.

5. Altar of Burnt Offering.

6. Garments for the Priesthood

7. The Breastplate and the Ephod for the high priests.

8. The altar of incense

9. Bronze bowl for washing.

10. Formula for the incense.

11. Formula for anointing oil.

F. Everything was outlined by God. Very beautiful and useful for the Lord’s glory. Very exact.

G. In the church we need to be exact on the things we do. In the New Testament, less structured, our body is the temple for God.

H. Need to be done for several reasons.

1. Go and make disciples. Evangelism.

2. Baptizing. Add to the fellowship.

3. Teaching. Discipleship.

4. Love God, worship.

5. Love neighbor, service.

I. Parent to child, Because I said so… Not good in the church.

J. Need to know book, chapter and verse for everything we do. Need to follow God’s pattern for the church as much as possible.

K. This is God’s work. 5 things are what he wants in our day.

II. The eagerness of the workers.

A. Vs. 2

B. The passion they had for the task. What stirs your soul?

C. Tony Gwynn has been one of the best hitters in major league baseball. Gwynn has hit .300 or better in 17 major league seasons. He’s won 8 league batting titles. He has collected more than 17,000 hits. What the secret of his success? It’s not a secret to the people who watch him work every day. Gwynn says, "There’s got to be a passion for it, a love for the game. And I still love it." San Diego Padres General Manager Kevin Towers said, "I think the key thing is his passion for the game, a passion for what you do. Never take anything for granted, keep trying to hone your skills and be better… that’s what Tony Gwynn is all about."

D. When we think of passion we think of some sin. However, passion is morally neutral. It is simply a strong feeling or a deep longing. Passion is a clearly defined reason for living. God made me for this. It moves ordinary people beyond ordinary activities. It causes people to rise to the top.

E. Healthy passion is an urge given by God. Seek God face and He will give you a passion to do something for Him.

F. Healthy passion engages us emotionally. It grips our heart. We get excited about it. Excitement is contagious.

G. Healthy passion incites us to action. Passionate people translate their devotion into action. Passion with action is sheer delight.

H. What are you good at doing? Passion always burns in the embers of our talents and natural giftedness.

I. These people knew that God had given them gifts and talents to build the tabernacle, and so they went at it with gusto.

J. These people were committed to excellence and it showed to the people.

K. Brad Redmond- Drama for the children.

L. God’s way.

III. The bluntness of the workers.

A. Moses and the workers and God communicated what they needed and why they needed it.

B. They got it and more so this shows us some lessons.

C. To get more than we need, we have to be people with integrity and ethics.

1. They did not say, "Well, we have more than we need. I guess we can take this extra stuff and pad our tents. We can take this extra gold and store it away for our children."

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