Summary: Exposition of 2 Sam. 22

They’re Playing Our Song

2 Sam. 22

It might be a song on the radio; it might be a song you made up. It might be a song nobody else ever heard, or it might be a Top 40 hit. Whatever the tune or the words, somehow it captures the love between you and that special someone. Ever since people have been singing, I suppose couples in love have said, “Listen, sweetheart! They’re singing our song.”

How did it become “our song”? Did the composer get with us and say, “Give me an idea of exactly what you want to say to this person you love. I’ll write a song just for you two lovebirds.” Probably not. More likely, it’s a song written by somebody you’re never talked to at all. Yet somehow, that song captures something beautiful and special about your relationship with your beloved. It might be hard to believer, but there are probably thousands, if not millions of couples who call the same song “our song.”

This morning I want to look at a song that King David might call “our song.” This song doesn’t express the love between himself and some beautiful Israelites maiden. It’s a song that expresses the love between himself and his Lord. The tune has not been preserved for us, but in these words you can hear the heart of a man who loves God, and you can hear the love God has for him. David could easily say about 2 Sam. 22, “Lord, this is our song.”

But what’s even better is the fact that everybody in this room can make this song their song. David writes this song not just for himself, but for all of us who want to enjoy loving and being loved by the Lord. I want us to hear this song today, and make it your song, and my song, between us and the God who loves us. Look with me at the first verse (v. 1-20)


I’ve divided this song into 3 stanzas, each of which describes who God is to us:

I. HE IS MY SAVIOR (v. 1-20)

David’s story is a lot like your story and my story—he’s seen his share of trouble and conflict in life. When Samuel came looking for a king, his own family forgot all about David out tending the sheep. After he was anointed by the prophet to be king, he had to run for his life from the murderous king Saul. He survives a battle with the giant Goliath, war with Philistines, and several rebellions, one led by his own son Absalom. Through it all, God has kept David safe—which vs. 1 tells us the reason David writes this song. He wants to express his love for the Lord, His Savior. He sings about two ways God is his Savior—two ways God wants to be your Savior also.

a. God is my refuge. (v. 2-4) Notice how David describes the Lord in these verses: my Rock…my Fortress…my Stronghold…

All of these names describe God as a place to run to when you are threatened, a place to go when you’re scared or in danger. When David was on the run from his enemies, and he needed a place to fins shelter and safety, God always provided that place for him. But more than this, David says You, Lord are my refuge. I love you, Lord, because no matter what the threat or who the enemy, I can always run to You and be safe. David also says

b. God is my rescuer. (v. 5-20) in vs. 5-6 David describes himself in the suffocating grip of trouble and death. I was drowning in the waters of death, the grave (Sheol) had me tangled up in its web, I was trapped with no way to escape, nobody to rescue me. It looked like it was all over—until I called on the Lord!

Vs. 7-20 describe God’s reaction: He hears my cry (v. 7b) comes raging out of His Temple, surrounded by dark clouds of His fury and power, riding out to rescue His beloved child. Scattering the enemy right and left, He reaches down and lifts me out of the depths of death, just when my enemies thought they had put me down for good, and places me in a spacious place of His blessing. Lord, I love you, because You are my rescuer, my King in shining armor Who shows up in the knick of time to save me.

This is David’s song of love He sings to His Savior, His Refuge and His Rescuer. This is a song God wants you and He to call “our song.”

Everybody needs a refuge. You need someplace you can go to escape the worries and fears of life. You need to have some place of safety where you don’t have to be afraid—somewhere you can catch your breath, get your strength, so you can back out and face this cold, cruel world. The Lord wants to be your Refuge. He wants you to come to Him and let Him hide you in His love and care, and shelter you.

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