Summary: Launch our 2011 Annual Theme of "Holding Forth the Word." Commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible, which we hold to be God's perfect word in the English language.

“Exciting to be part of the ground floor of what God is doing”

- God called my family here 1.5 years ago

- Not to be "just another church"

o Christ centered in a day of man centered

o God honoring worship in a day of religious entertainment

o Bible teaching and preaching in a day of ear tickling

o Reaching youth with Biblical truth instead of Worldly amusement

o Transforms people from the inside out

o Reaches the lost with the Gospel

o Sets God's people free from the bondage of the world

- Therefore, In our first 1.5 years our theme has been "A New Church Preaching Timeless Truth"

o I am excited to look forward and see the course the Lord has laid for us:

o Tonight we meet to rally around a unifying theme

 As we grow we can make sure that we are all focused on the same things

 We need to remember what the local church is all about

 Excited to share with you the vision for 2011 the Lord has set

 Allow us to:

• keep the main things the main things

• have unity as we grow and reach touch new lives

- To introduce this theme I want to share with you about some things the devil doesn't want you to know.

TURN TO: Luke 4

The Bible tells us that the devil is a LIAR... Many people tonight live bound by the lies of the devil

President Clinton noticed a group of boys surrounding a dog. Concerned lest the boys were hurting the dog, he went over and asked,

"What are you doing with that dog?"

One of the boys replied, "This dog is a neighborhood stray. We all want

him, but only one of us can take him home. So we've decided that

whichever one of us can tell the biggest lie will get to keep the dog."

Of course, the president was taken aback. "You boys shouldn't be having

a contest telling lies!" he exclaimed. He then launched into a ten

minute sermon against lying,beginning, "Don't you boys know it's a sin

to lie," and ending with, "Why, when I was your age, I never told a lie."

There was dead silence for about a minute. Just as the president was

beginning to think he'd gotten through to them, the smallest boy gave a

deep sigh and said, "All right, give him the dog.

1. Introduction—Things the Devil Does not want you to know

a. Unusual Message

i. Normally build as we go

ii. Tonight: collect building materials then assemble

iii. Participation: Read with me—quote with me “but by every word of God.”

And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God. (Lk 4:4)

b. Satan tempted Christ with

i. Scripture

ii. Circumstances

iii. Society

iv. Storms

v. Tests us with (above)

vi. Christ’s answer: “It is written, every word of God”

And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God. (Lk 4:4)


while you are turning let's practice, Jesus answered him saying, it is written, That…

(1 John 5:7) For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.


a. The devil wants you to believe that Jesus was a:

i. Good man

ii. Prophet

iii. Good teacher

iv. Moral person

v. Co-redemptrix with Mary

vi. Lucifer’s Spirit brother

vii. Modern “life coach”

viii. NOT God almighty in the flesh

b. The person of Christ is the foundation of EVERYTHING

i. That is why his blood atones for all sin

ii. That is why we have eternal security

c. The devil wants you to forget that the one whose spirit indwells you is

i. The creator of the universe

ii. The Fourth man in the fiery furnace

iii. The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world

iv. Alpha and Omega author and finisher of our faith

d. If you know this truth, does it affect you?

i. How BIG is your Jesus?

ii. Is He the Alpha and Omega in your life?

iii. Or just a buddy?

iv. Do you limit the holy one of Israel?

v. Does your God

1. Set your priorities?

2. Tell you where to spend your time?

3. Tell you where to spend your money?

4. Tell you what to put in your eye and ear gate?

5. Tell you where to work?

a. Gotta make a living…

b. God wouldn’t bring me this opportunity

c. Young man turned down a job b/c it involved serving alcohol

6. Who is God in your life?

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