Summary: To show what we should always remember.

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-We have been celebrating Memorial Day, or its forerunners, ever since 1868

-It is great to remember those who have died on our account

-We tend to be forgetful people

-But, this Memorial Weekend, let us take to heart remembering our fallen patriots, but let us also remember some tremendous spiritual things

I. Remember Your Sinfulness

-Christ throws them into the Sea of Forgetfulness

-But should we?

-Not with fondness, but with regret

-Seeing it for how ugly it is

-Ephesians 2:11-13

A. How evil it was

B. How far it took you from God

-Sin is walking the opposite direction of God

-You get farther away with every step

-It always takes you farther than you plan to go

-And keeps you longer than you plan to stay

C. How unsatisfying it truly was

-It may have been pleasant for a season

-But in the end it brought emptiness

1. By damaging your relationship with God

2. By hurting your relationship with others

3. By bringing inner turmoil

-Through guilt

II. Remember God’s Provision

-Throughout the Old Testament we see God reminding the people and urging them to remember what He had done for them

-Deuteronomy 5:15

-I Chronicles 16:12

-Psalm 77:11-12

A. For those in scripture

-All of the times God worked miraculously on account of those who were His

-Israelites in slavery

-Israelites in the wilderness

-Peter in jail

B. For you

-All that He has given you

-You have not died of hunger

-You have not died of thirst

-You have not truly suffered

III. Remember Christ’s Sacrifice

A. His passion

-I Corinthians 11:23-26

1. Its necessity

-Because of our sin (yours and mine)

2. It’s cruelty

3. It’s finality

-“It is finished.”

B. His resurrection

-II Timothy 2:7-8

-Let’s never make the mistake of leaving Him on the cross

-That would deny His power

-That would destroy our hope

-Let’s celebrate it weekly, if not daily

IV. Remember God’s Promises

-II Peter 1:2-4

A. Of continuing provision

B. Of His presence

C. Of eternal rest

V. Remember Your Commitments

-Psalm 103:17-18

A. Conversion commitments

-Altar Tears

-Are they sincere tears, or simply the alligator variety

B. Discipleship commands

-Following what He makes clear to us is usually the hardest thing to do

-It’s not what we don’t know that trips us up, it’s what we don’t do with what we know

-As you follow what He has made clear, He will make new things clear to you

-If you have received no new insight from the Lord, check and see that you are walking in all the light He has previously given you


-Today, we do remember all of these things

-In particular we remember Christ’s sacrifice through the institution of the Lord’s Supper

-As we come, let’s come not only remembering His sacrifice, but also our sinfulness, God’s provision and promises and our commitments to Him

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