Summary: This sermon examines the question of our choice to live for ourself or live for God.

Hebrews 11: 24-28

“Thinking Faith & The Life Question”

If you’re a thinker can you really be a follower of Christ?

Can you live your life for our faith?

Hebrews 11: vs. 24 is account in the life of Moses.

Time when Moses had to think, make a choice.

Had to choose what his life would be about.

Set the Scene

Moses born

Pharaoh putting to death the Hebrew babies.

Hebrew women having more babies than the Egyptian women and Pharoah was concerned.

Amaram and Jacobed the parents of Moses believed God had special plans for their child.

Put Moses in basket covered with pitch and tar and set the basket in the shallow waters of the river.

Pharoah’s daughter skinny-dipping near by and finds the basket and discovers the baby inside.

Little girl named Miriam (Mosies older sister) watching form nearby and goes to Pharoah’s daughter and tells her she knows a Hebrew woman who can murse the baby for her.

Pharoah’s daughter tells Miriam to go find the woman and she returns with Jacobed, the biological mother of Moses.

Pharoahs daughter tells Jacobed to nurse the child as long as the child needs to be nursed and she would pay her wages.

GREAT STORY…..paid to nurse her own child.

Moses is now grown up

NOW: Emphasis shifts to Moses

He has decisions to make.

Moses is thinking about all this.

READ 11: 24 to 28

Moses has to weight the possibilities for his life

Has two choices to make.

1. Live for himself in the moment


2. Live for God and eternity.

Flesh life---------------for self

Faith life---------------for God


What is your life about?

Are you gonna live for the moment, for you?


Are you gonna live for something bigger than you & live for eternity.



(Free will, God will let you live any way you choose)


Flesh life. He was the Son of Pharoah’s daughter.

* Status among his peers (Prince in Egypt)

* Pleasures of sin could have had anything or anybody he wanted.

* Opportunities for wealth All Egypt’s wealth at his disposal.

BUT… flesh life offers a life of insignificance.

Moses had an understanding that life is short and he understood the passing pleasures of sin.


Faith life. Offers 4 things.

* Tough choices. Not easy but hard

Difficult decisions verse 24 Moses had to choose to suffer affliction.

(never in majority, always in the minority)

*Certain reproach. Had to suffer the reproach of Christ.

Means he was “put down”

*Personal sacrifice.

(Ex:You can probably make more money if not a Christian) Sometimes we have to give up something.

*Life that matters. End of days, look back and reflect on a life that matters.

STORY: South seas island missionary and Shell Oil

William Booth Story; Born 1827 London England

Grew up and became a Christian.

Choice of doing the easy thing or the right thing

Choice of living for self or for God.


Paul said: “For me to live is Christ”

What would you say?

What will you live for?

What is your life going to be about?

In the end, what’s it going to mean.

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