Summary: A short lesson on the mind of Christ. Great for a devotional or small group

Tonight I want to talk about following the spirit inside you

I grew up Baptist- no one ever really said “God told me!”

“I think the Lord’s telling us to do …this!”

That’s why so many church adopt

“We’ve never done it that way”

“That will never work”

“We tried that once, it didn’t work”

We have to be a church and a people who seek spiritual wisdom

Then got the charismatics!

God told me to tell you

God gave me a prophecy

I got word for you

The Holy Spirit is moving me to…

Let’s find balance and learn how to be godly leaders/disciples

Proverbs 2:1-11- Proverbs 3:5&6

How can we see God’s wisdom in us:

1. God thinks big- Luke 19:11-27

2. God thinks of others- Luke 10:19, John 14:12-greater works

teaching people to be minister

It takes a while to teach your son to mow the lawn

It guarantees you’ll never have mow it again

3. God thinks creatively-1 chronicles 12:32

He never changes- bu constantly changing us

Not easy to change-

4. God thinks quickly- Joshua 24:15

5. God thinks about winning- He wants to see his people rule- earth

Genesis 1:26-28

6. God thinks with no lines- It is not wrong if it is of God

There is no line In reaching people- if it’s holy

Sometimes even if it’s not- Philippians 1:12-18

So we should strive for holiness in reaching people

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