Summary: Baptism: This sermon is a basic outline rather than a complete sermon.

In Jesus Holy Name October 14, 2018 Series: Luther’s Small Catechism Redeemer

Text Matthew 28:19

“Thinking the Things of God”

Baptism: Tap Water Made Special

Everyone has an identity. At birth we are given a name. We have a family name. That family name attaches us to generations of grandparents, great grandparents…with some family name going back centuries. With the family name comes various traditions. Italian, German, Romanian, Persian recipes handed down for generations. There may even be unique traditions on how one celebrates Christmas and other holidays.

Our American identity means we celebrate July 4th or Thanksgiving.

Today we come to our 5th sermon in the study of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. Baptism. Baptism is our identity as followers of Jesus.

So…. We have here a baptismal font, some Fresno Tap Water.

Feels like ordinary water. Looks like ordinary water. When this water is attached to God’s Word it becomes special.

In the water’s of baptism God attaches the Holy Spirit, forgiveness of sins and eternal life. You might ask How?

Genesis 1 What made the oceans, lakes and streams fill with fish? The word of God. What made the skies fill with birds? The Word of God.

1. Jesus commanded baptism. Matthew 28:19

Question: Sprinkle, Pour, Immerse. Luther….is does not matter…What makes baptism effective? God’s Word. Not the person, place nor type of water. Infant or Adult? It doesn’t matter…God is at work. God can save without Baptism. Romans 10:9-10 but baptism is the normal way one crosses the threshold into the family of God.

2. Baptism adopts you into the “family of God” O.T. = circumcision

N.T. Nicodemus -no longer blood relationship to Abraham (Water and Spirit) John 3:5

Luther: S.C. Baptism is not plain water but water joined together with Gods command and His word, and faith which trusts the word of God.

What makes tap water special? The word of God.

3. In baptism… God acts… we receive.

a. Acts 2:38 repent…be baptized… receive forgiveness of sins and the Holy Spirit the promise of eternal life

b. Saul Acts 9:15-19 baptized was forgiven

i. Life changed for a purpose to proclaim the good news

ii. So with us as well. Ephesians 2:10

iii. Vocation: God does not need our good works but our neighbor does.

4. Titus 3:4

5. Martin Luther asks: How can water do such things?

So how can the ocean waters be filled with fish? God’s word.

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