Summary: Comparing water from the rock and our need for Christ

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Water From The Rock

- The human body is 2/3 water.

- By the time you are 70-years-old, you will have required 1½ million gallons of water.

- Studies show that increasing water consumption can decrease fat deposits. Water is a natural appetite suppressant.

- The body absorbs cold water faster than hot water

- “ABC Science Online Thirst makes you feel more pain”

Australian pain expert Dr Michael Farrell study claims Going without a drink can make you more sensitive to pain

- If you loose 2% of your body’s water supply, your energy will decrease by 20%. A 10% decrease in water, you will be unable to walk, and a 20% decrease – you’re dead.

- The need for water began their journey - Ex. 17:1-7

- The need for water ends their journey - Num 20:1-13

- Almost identical in comparison

- Other references to note

I Cor. 10:4 - Paul - It followed them

Jn 4:10-14 - Christ the source of living water

A Rock speaks of Shelter, Safety, Durability, Strength.

I. A Desperate Need.


1. Empty Outside.

"There was no water" (v. 1).

- World can’t supply the needs of the soul.

- Separated from the Cross of Christ, our life is barren and empty

2. Empty Inside.

"The people thirsted" (v. 2-3).

- Out of resources

- Out of Ideas

- Desperation sets in

- The blame game begins

- Forgetful of salvation

- Begins with v.2 “chide” - to have words of opposition

- Ends with v. 3 “mummer”

Relentless Blame and howling

- Our frustrated emptiness has finds nowhere to be filled but in the Lord

II. An Amazing Supply.


"There shall come out water" (v. 6).

1. It Came from an Unrecognized Source .

- Water from dust – unheard of

- Worldly wisdom could not by

- Desperation needs turn to the Lord

- Life from a virgin unheard of

- Life from the crucified one impossible

- Isa. 55. 8 My ways are not as your ways, saith the Lord

2. It Came from a God-Possessed Source.

"I will stand upon the rock" (v. 6).

- The rock in Horeb of itself could do nothing, but God in the rock could do anything.

- The rock represents the human nature of the Lord Jesus

- God on the rock, His divine power and Godhead.

- The source of our salvation is in God, the channel of communication is Jesus. He is ’ ’both Lord and Christ" (Acts 2. 36).

III. Right Methods.


1. Strike

"Thou shalt smite the rock" (v. 6).

- This thought does not come from man - Salvation by smiting the anointed of God.

- (Isa. 53. 5)."But He was wounded for our transgressions, with His stripes we are healed"

2. Strike With a Rod.

- v. 5 "Thy rod, wherewith thou smotest the river, take in thine hand’’

- Ex. 7:17 Rod of judgment that turned the river into blood,

- Ex. 14:15 - Sign of God’s authority and power over the Red Sea

- Isa. 53. 10 "It pleased the Lord to bruise Him; HE hath put Him to grief"

IV. Blessings Received


1. It Was Abundant .

- Ps 78:20 "The waters gushed out, and the streams overflowed"

1 Cor 10:4 - "They did all drink the same spiritual drink."

- When Christ, our Rock, was smitten, "forthwith came there out blood and water," emblems of a full salvation, atonement, and cleansing.

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