Summary: This message deals with choices

This Day You Choose

Joshua 28: 7-15

This is Joshua’s farewell speach and he urges Israel to stay passionately committed to God’s Faithfulness.

He warns Israel disodedience and concluded, "But As For Me And My House We Will Serve The Lord".

During Joshua’s lifetime everyone followed his conviction.

Because He Made It:

1) Attractive

2) Magnetic

Choose- In the Hebrew is "BARA" which means To Create or Fashion.

1) Create - Create a holy atmosphere to keep you in God’s Will.

2) Fashion - Fashion ourselves after the intended image that has been spoken concerning our lives.

Joshua is telling the People of Israel to reclaim their:

1) Identity 2) Integrity 3) Testimony 4) Family 5) Future 6) Calling

He is trying to get them to the next level

He understands that many of their fathers were poor examples and that all they knew is what they had saw and could only mimic that particular pattern. Until they were challenged to do different than what they knew.

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