Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: God does not waste His resources. If He give you a gift, it is for a purpose...Don’t miss use it!


I met her at a special singles programme organized by my church. It was a time out at the beach. I was part of the organizers but I was not meant to attend. I had a job interview fix for the same day and coupled with the fact that it was a really wet day to be going to the beach. I came early to church to make final transportation arrangement for the folks that were going. Kemi, my new believers’ class student came up to me to ask if I still had any more ticket for her friend who wanted to go with her. Ticket sales had actually finished but since I had my complimentary ticket and I wasn’t going anyway, I decided to sell to her. The programme was meant to start off about 12noon but I left around 9am for my interview. For some reasons I can’t understand the job interview was cancelled and rescheduled for another day. I came back feeling very disappointed that i’d missed the programme. I got back home by 12noon to find out that the Pastor had sent a message to my house that I had to be there for the programme. I went to church and discovered that they were still waiting for me! That was how I found myself at the beach on this faithful day.

She was so so beautiful I could not help but stare at her. I knew I had to speak with her. Walked up to her and while I was trying to introduce myself Kemi showed up. ’Have you guys met?’ she asked. ’She’s the one I bought a ticket for’. ’Titi, meet my believers class teacher Seun, Seun meet my friend Titi’ she introduced us and walked away. We talked and talked and I din’t realize how long until it was time for us to go home. I knew she was the reason why I came for the programme on that day. I had prayed to God for a birthday gift and here I was with the best gift anyone could ask for...a very pretty future partner.

We started very well, fasted and prayed regularly. Did bible study together and it was so so wonderful. We were a model for lots of young people, our friends all wanted what we had. It was so beautiful. All her folks loved me and my family was crazy about her. It was a match made in heaven. Any time we pray together concerning any of our heart desires, we always saw result. We were even beginning to counsel some of our single friends on how to get God’s will for their life in marriage. We were also advising those that were having problems in their relationship.

Then just when things were getting very beautiful, the devil showed up...no, not the devil...flesh showed up. We started touching ourselves in places that were supposed to be hidden. It started with an innocuous peck on the lip and went on to a full kiss and then....(fill in the gap). We initially felt very terrible that we’d yielded to the lust of the flesh but after a while we consoled ourselves with the fact that we didn’t actually have sex. We carried on like that for a long time and at a point we were no longer talking again, we were just ’laying hands’ on ourselves. I should have been able to read the signs because little things were becoming big issues for us. We would quarrel over trivial things, we argued a lot after then but we will just make up by getting into each others arms. Honestly, there were times that I would want to have an argument with her so I could make up with a proper kiss.

This went on for almost 6months. Though we would still pray but we were not praying like before. So, one day I had a dream. In my dream Titi came to my house and was with me in my room. We had kissed and done our usual thing when my father came to knock my door and called me out. He took me to the living room and warned that he does not want me to see Titi again. I went back inside only to find out that Titi had heard my father and she was getting ready to leave...for good...and then I woke up. I could not understand the dream at that time because my father dint believe in waiting till you get married before you have sex. He had always told me I needed to be sure we are sexually compatible. So, it just dint make sense to me that he’d ask me to stop seeing her just because I kissed her. Then exactly 8days later I got a call from my friend who is also close to Titi that I needed to come to see her urgently because she’s planning to back out of the relationship. I was surprised as we had a great time the last time we saw and there was not even any argument. I waved it aside as one of her ways of getting my attention and I dint bother to go.

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