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Summary: A fresh look at the story of David & Goliath.

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This is war, and there is no neutral ground.

Grant van Boeschoten

November 13, 2007

In the summer between Grade 8 and Grade 9 I won a draw along with 13 other young Canadians to go on an all expense trip to Holland. The trip was sponsored by the Canadian military and the reason that we were going to Holland was to tour the path that the Canadian Armed Forces took to liberate the Country.

A history professor from the University of Calgary accompanied us and we went to the actual battle places and heard the stories in the places where they took place 50 years earlier. We visited the War Cemeteries and saw where thousands of Canadian Soldiers were buried, soldiers who gave their lives for freedom and justice.

Everywhere that we went the people of Holland treated us as heroes. For the simple reason that we were Canadian citizens they thanked us over and over again for the liberation of their country. We are part of a great heritage and I am proud to be a Canadian. I thank God that I was born at this place and at this time and I thank him for the lives of our soldiers who put their life on the line so that we could live in freedom.

When war comes to a nation it affects everyone. Some join the army, others are left at home without a father and without a husband. Some people make decisions in government, and other people rise to heroic measures in the fight for freedom and justice.

When a country is at war you don’t have the option of staying neutral. You cannot remain indifferent to the conflict. You watch on the news as the troops go out in battle, pride swells up in your heart as you hear about the victories and achievements that our Armed Forces are accomplishing.

Some people get bitter about the war and actually begin to undermine the country and the government. They complain and they dream up schemes for what they would do if it were their decision. These people are not a part of the solution though, they just add to the complications of war.

Jesus, in his time on earth, made this statement.

30 "This is war, and there is no neutral ground. If you’re not on my side, you’re the enemy; if you’re not helping, you’re making things worse. Matt 12:30 (MSG)

The word “war” was the word that Jesus chose to explain how real his gospel is. He was saying, I have come to divide, to make you choose between good and evil, to give you the choice of life and death.

The choice that you make puts you on Jesus side or it sets you up to fight against Jesus. The actions that you take are helping, or they are making things worse.

There is no middle ground. You cannot take a position of neutral when it comes to God. In his Holy opinion, you are either fighting for him or against him.

When war comes to a country, everyone is affected. When God declared war, everyone became involved.

The nation of Israel and the Philistine people were at war with one another. The Israelite army was up on one hill and the Philistine army was on the other, and in the middle was a valley where the battle would take place.

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