Summary: My light may be very small, but the darker the night the greater the light.

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By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.

Songs of Solomon 2 :15 Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil thevines,

for our vines have tender grapes.

Proverbs 24:10 If thou faint in the day of adversity thy strength is small.

Zech. 4:10 For who hath despised the day of small things?

Did you know Babe Ruth hit 851 home runs?

Did you know Babe Ruth stuck out 1330 times?

This is almost two strike outs for every homerun?

But were records for many years... but Babe is known because he tried.

Don’t be little others?

But be little enough to see that spending time on others is a wise investment.

I ponder working for God?

What an honor to be a Christian worker?

Yet what a load?

Can we see it is hard to keep zeal and enthusiam in the little things, yet it is faithfulness in the little where we please God!

A bird never sings because it knows all the answers, the bird sings because it knows the song. The birds Momma taught him to sing.

Are you teaching others to sing?

Can you see rainbows looking down.

God loves little things and confounds the wise with little trinkets.

Life has a mirror effect, you receive what you give!

As we touch people, and become God’s hand extended to a hurting humanity, we take on the heart of God.

What pastor would not want the church to double in size?

What pastor does not dream of reaching the lost and dying?

What pastor would not want to give thousands to missions?

We dream of greener pastires and great yields. More?

It is not how much water your boat is in...?

It is how much water is in your boat....?

I ponder, why doesn’t every church double?

Why does some ground seem to be fertile but unyielding?

Why can a little preacher give his family and career for a little area and go unapplauded, and a TV preacher flying in a personal jet have crowds waiting in line?

Yet he will not come out and touch the people, security?

How would one feel to give his best effort, lose sleep, pray and cry, and still not see his dreams accomplished? Is he a failure?

A Christian worker’s vocation belongs to God.

One plants?

One waters?

Yet, another reaps?

One is appreciated and loved?

One is unnoticed and his arms hang down?

But we must never forget, our vocation belongs to Jesus.

Success is not easily measured.

There is no easy or simple tactic to finding the heart of God for a people or an area.

Are God’s workers willing to blindly surrender to His call?

There is one measure: a total surrender to God, a giving of self, without counting the cost, without reflection.

As a candle consumes itself for the light, so must we for the family and the church.

We are often fooled when we recognize our strengths and deny our weaknesses. A servant of God will know his weaknesses and guard them with the Heart of God.

The question is not where is the God of Elijah?

The question is where are the Elijah’s of God?

We live in a day where "TROPHIES" count.

We search for trophies of excellency, and miss that people are

the trophies we seek.

I recently read of an English Sergeant stationed in Egypt.

Seems there was a young Private that really loved Jesus.

The Private was often hassled over his commitment to allow Jesus to be his Lord and Savior.

The Sergeant gave the young man a hard time.

The two men had been on duty on a cold rainy night.

The conditions were terrible.

The Company came in from duty, they were very tired, cold, and damp. Before the Private went to bed, he quietly knelt down to pray.

The Sergeant was on the top bunk.

The Sergeant purposely placed his damp, muddy boots, on either side of the praying soldier’s head.

The Private never looked up, he kept praying, with the wet, muddy boots all over his face.

The next morning when the Sergeant heard the trumpet’s call, he jumped out of bed.

There next to the Sergeant’s bunk was his boots, beautifully shining.

The Private had polished the Sergeant’s muddy boots and quietly placed them there.

Nobody knew. just the Sergeant and the Private.

The Private never claimed his rights, or spoke poorly of his leader.

He just served him.

The Sergeant’s heart was broken, he later asked the Private, will you tell me about your Master? I want Him in my heart.

We know soft answers and a calm trust in the call of God accomplishes more than sermons delivered from pulpits.

God enables those He calls to overcome every obstacle.

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