Summary: Calamitous consequences can be circumvented if we have Jesus as our Pilot!

This PILOT never fails!

Psalm 23:1”The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.”

Have you ever wondered about the capability, fitness and reliability of the pilot who flies the aircraft that you are travelling in? You don’t get to see what he does inside the cockpit where there appear to be display screens, dials, knobs, and switches, almost everywhere -- you don’t have a clue what do they all do and why are there so many of them; yet, there you are taking a glorious nap! Recently my mom told me that she missed her meals in the flight because she was sleeping the whole long journey. Boy! What peace! Imagine the huge responsibility of the pilot! How much we trust a man who is vulnerable to mood swings, distractions and much more! Yet, do we trust God that way is my question today? Why not surrender everything into the mighty Hands of our heavenly Pilot who would safely steer us to the right destination??

Calamitous consequences can be circumvented if we have Jesus as our Pilot! I love the way king David calls God as his Good Shepherd! Yes, He is our Good Shepherd who would take us to still waters and green pastures! Trust Him instead of breaking your puny brain with your own astute plans. A young Engineer came to me for prayers for his future career plans and this is what he said that he was making arrangements to travel abroad for more bucks and his friend seemed to be his inspiration, who was actually taking a risk of resigning his job and moving into a new country in search of job, if it clicks fine, otherwise he would return. Two qualified, smart, young guys were talking through their hats! Weird and crazy! This is what you call us leaning unto your own understanding! Read the Bible verse: Proverbs 3:5” Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” Where is God in your agenda and life??? Tell me. Oh, would our computer savvy young Christians wait for the Lord to show them the way! Never, they would rather ape a cinema celebrity than trust God and His Word! Are you listening?

Sometimes, the present circumstances seem to be scary, uncertain and blurred and we would rather want a ‘clear blue print’ that we can trust rather than walk in the dark. If you study the Book of Ruth in the Bible, you would surely understand what it is to leave the country that you were born, your folks and everything behind and follow a woman who had lost everything. Actually Ruth was following the God that Naomi worshipped! Phew! That is trust! God blessed her faith and took her to green pastures and that was the field of Boaz! You can never doubt this divine Pilot Jesus after reading the life of Ruth!

We had to relocate our ministry to a different city, at a crucial time of my daughter’s college admission; the initial phase of recruitment were over and we were actually considered as outsiders and not eligible for Government quota of seats for Engineering course. With our stand not to pay a penny outside the actual norms of fees, what followed was nightmare! Besides all this, we had to face the challenges of new language, new culture and much more! Our Pilot Jesus took us accurately to the right places; though there were inconveniences during the journey. My daughter after completing her B.Tech with distinction marks, is now working for a multinational Organization, while my son is in his inter-college now.

This Pilot never fails!

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