Summary: If you think on your wants’ long enough, they will become a Need!

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The Bible says the eyes of man are never satisfied.

This curse of want is never being satisfied with the Lord’s blessings.

If our relationship with Him is true, then our hearts will reflect this in our words.

1. Cursed because We have TURNED FROM THE LORD! ( Deut.30:17 )

a. Turned from hearing the Scriptures...2 tim.3:14-15...2 tim.4:3-4...coloss.2:6-8...not our reasonings but in His ways.

b. Turned from a Heart to seek Him..,jeremiah 2:32...jerem. 4:18...spare tire religion...fair weather christians...

c. Turned to Half-way serving Him...psalms 119:2...james 1:18...

2. Cursed because we have Tried to Change Gods’ Word is what God said and not what we Think it says...

a. Changed the Scripture...jerem. 23:25-27,34...Revelation says there is a promise to those who add or take away...

b. Tried to Change the How to be saved...john has "watered down" the truths of Holy Ghost Conviction, Preaching the Word in Power and in Spirit...

c. Changed the How to Serve the Lord...john 4 "in spirit and in truth, Phillippians 2:11-13....not with the Head but out of the Heart...

3. Cursed because WE are Caught UP in the Times..

a. Scriptural times...2 peter 2:1-2,3:3-7...

b. Seeking times...Many are running to and fro ...Knowledge is increasing...pleasure more than the Lord...

c. Special over children,finances over families,1 timothy 6:9."the LOVE of money...

The Lord Jesus promised our Needs, It is our Notions that have led us the Wrong way. Ps. 23:1 ..Is he really your Shepherd. Matt. 6:33...If we Prioritize our Life, then this curse of want will not effect Us!!!!!

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