Summary: We are talking about News Years resoultions. If you really want to change it takes discipline to get into the word of God but the benefits far outweigh the effort.

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Now that the New Year is right around the corner there are those infomercials that tout great fitness. It seems that each year the machines get weirder. Hang upside down, spin 360 degrees then throw up. That loses about 5 lbs. Then there are those that bend you like a pretzel while listening to Rap Music. On one we have a drill sergeant trying to get you to do a 1,000 push ups when you can only do 10. There are those machines that isolate a particular part of the body. I like the machine that shocks your stomach muscles into oblivion while making a cappuccino at the same time.

It seems that each year we try to make things easier and easier to get into shape. I have found that the only way to get into shape is just SIMPLE plain hard word and sweat. There are no shortcuts to success. But if you watch TV and any media it is all about shortcuts. I think they are working on one machine that exercises you body while you are asleep. You take an Ambien which knocks you out and then you let the machine take over. OK that may have been just a dream.

Most of us want quick fixes. We want a quick fix to a failed marriage, an addiction, poor job performance or a bad attitude. We want to win the Lottery as our troubles will be over. I hate to tell you but for most people if you win the Lottery your troubles are just starting.

The bible has no power! Before you get all bent out of shape let me add to that. If your bible sits on the desk and you do not open it, it has no power. How many exercise machines do you see at garage sales or at a Thrift Store”. Many people use it till it becomes work then they get rid of it. There is HUGE power in the word of God but YOU have to open the book. That is the first step. Then you have to pray for the Lord to open your mind. If you are not saved then you do not have the Lords Holy Spirit inside of you. Before I was saved I would read a few verses in the bible and none of it made sense. But after I was saved I had Jesus living in me by His Holy Spirit. As I read the bible now it was Jesus interpreting the bible for me.

But if I get excited for a new Years resolution and read the bible for a week I may notice a small change. Then I get tired of it and put the bible aside. Jesus died a horrible death so YOU could have eternal life IF you believe in Him. Jesus does not desire for you to stay the same. He wants YOU to grow in your knowledge and love of Him. Any relationship takes time and WORK. As there are exercise machines that try to do most of the work there are also bible study plans that try to do most of your work for you. I have found the best workout is a pair of gym shoes and gym clothes. You get out the door and jog. There is nothing magical. It is one day at a time and after a while you will see changes. It is the same with getting to know God. It takes time and discipline. We have no problem putting discipline into playing golf, watching TV and playing video games. So in essence our priorities in this life are out of whack.

If you really want to change then you need to make a choice AND STICK WITH IT. You need to get up in the morning EARLIER and pray, read the bible and ask the Lord to change you. You know what? He WILL!!!! But you have to make it an investment and a priority. There are no shortcuts to knowing God. But in the end when you hear the words. “Well done good and faithful servant” it will all be worth it.

Philippians 3:14 “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus”.

The goal is to grow in your faith and to lead others to Jesus. But you need to be prepared. Please make getting to know the creator of the universe, the only one who can save you from hell a priority. When you make an effort to get to know the Lord expecting nothing in return but a relationship with Him miracles happen. PLEASE make that commitment today and stick with it. Remember there are no shortcuts.

Have a joyful day. God IS in control.


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