Summary: Some opportunities may come but once. We need to be able to recognize them and take advantage of the moment.

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Many times opportunities come but once.

A. Sometimes they get by us because we just aren’t

paying attention.

1. Things slip by us when we are intent on our

own projects, goals, or activities.

B. Then too........we can be attacked, criticized or

beat down because of our past failures.

1. Sometimes by the ones that we are trying to

get through to.....sometimes by the very

Christians who are supposed to be

encouraging us.

C. Opportunities.......Golden opportunities......are

missed many times out of pure....unadulterated....


1. We may put a mask on it, but it still is


a. I think that many of us can identify with

this scenario........opportunities lost

because we don’t want to get out of our

chair.....because we don’t want to leave

the house........because we don’t want to

put up with the physical elements.

D. For these reasons and/or others, we find a fourth

reason for not taking advantage of the golden

opportunities that avail themselves to us.....we

expect someone else to do it.

1. Let them take the flak.

2. Let them feel the rejection.

3. Let them sweat or freeze.

Let us look at five keys to making the best of the Golden

Opportunities that come our way.

I. Look to the future......not the past.

Phil. 3:13-14 - 13Brethren, I do not count myself to have

apprehended {gotten there, yet}; but one thing I do,

forgetting those things which are behind and reaching

forward to those things which are ahead, 14I press toward

the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ


A. We can and should be stirred up by and

encouraged by history (the past).....but we must

never let ourselves become bound to it.

1. We must not let uninspired traditions (as

good as they may seem)....kill our good

ideas and intents.

B. To some degree...the days of Golden Opportunities

are still here.

1. Opportunities within the Church and

opportunities among lost souls.

a. Door-to-door calling, teaching, and

witnessing still present themselves as


1.) They are what we will make of

them, however.

b. We often have the opportunity of

cultivating a friendship and opening the

door to eternal life for our friends.

1.) I’m not suggesting deceit in

cultivating the friendship, but I am

saying that we should take

advantage of the friendships we do

have and look for the opportunities

that present themselves in this


c. We also have opportunities to help in

physical ways with physical problems.

1.) Within the Church....fulfilling our

relationship with one-another and

with Christ.

2.) Outside of the Church.

a.) Many times these acts of

kindness present the

opportunity for deeper

spiritual things.

C. We have to realize that perfection has not yet

been attained.

1. There is plenty of room for improvement and

a host of opportunities that we can take

advantage of.

a. Both, within and without the Church.

II. Let us look for something that everyone is saying

should be done.

A. People say that they want to be used in the Church,

but they don’t see where that opportunity is.

1. Realize that when someone makes the

comment that it would be nice if somebody

would do something.......YOU ARE


a. If we are to make the best of

opportunities, we need to take the

initiative......we need to look and see....

we need to be ready with the needs of

the moment and not sit around waiting

for the “right thing”.

1.) Church buildings always have

things that need to be done.

2.) Make it a point to visit those who

are sick, hurting, or lonely.

3.) Do random acts of kindness for

others......both inside and outside

the Church.

4.) Help people, it


** The point is.....if we would simply think of things that

we would want done to us....and then take the

opportunity to do them to others, we would be a

blessing and an asset to the Kingdom of God.

B. If you see it....DO IT.

1. Seldom do you have to check in with anybody

in this.

** It has been said that, “Great souls prove their greatness

by making opportunities where others only make


C. Look for and attempt to fill the needs that others


1. They state this perceived need in several

ways, but it goes something like this.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if .....”

a. We had a picnic (or a cookout).

b. The Church had a food “pantry”.

c. We started a fund to help out Christians

who don’t have any health insurance.

d. Someone would keep tabs on those who

are sick and see that they get a card.

e. Someone organize the tract rack and keep

it neat and up to date.

III. As we look at obstacles that seem to be in our way...

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