Summary: This sermon is a look at the characteristics of the early Church that made it so effective.

Those were the days! – Acts 2:40-47

Do you remember this song? (played theme song from TV sitcom “All in the Family” the song title is “Those were the days”)

Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever wished for the “good old days”?

Well I would submit to you that we can have those days again, at least with regard to the Church. Let’s take a look at 10 aspects of the early Church and see how we can use them as a model to regain the “good old days” of the Church once again.

The early Church was…

1. Obedient to the Lord (v. 41 they were baptized)

2. Steadfast in doctrine (v. 42)

3. Steadfast in fellowship (v. 42)

4. Steadfast in prayers (v. 42)

5. Fearing the Lord (v. 43)

6. Generous and unselfish (v. 44-45)

A man passed by a cage at the zoo and noticed that in the cage was both a large lion and an active monkey.

He saw a zoo worker nearby and asked, ‘How does that work having both a lion and a monkey in the same cage?

It works ok for the most part, replied the worker.

Do they ever not get along? Asked the man

Every once in a while, the worker said.

What happens then? The man asked.

We just get a new monkey, said the worker.

7. Active in corporate worship (v. 46)

8. Praising God (v. 47)

9. In the favor of all the people (v. 47 a good reputation in the community)

10. Growing through evangelism (v. 47)

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