Summary: When Jesus spoke this message, He knew what our problem is. Whenever you think that no one else knows or cares about your problem, let me remind you remind you that Jesus knows it all.

Many times it is hard for Americans to relate to the verse we will study tonight. That is, not many of us really have had to do without food and water for an extended period of time. Perhaps we have chosen to do this on a few occasions. Due to health reasons or even spiritual reasons we may have fasted from food and water. Regardless, to one degree or another, each of us knows something of what it means to be hungry and thirsty.

That is the reason why Christ chose these two words “hunger and thirst” to teach us about His righteousness.

It should be obvious to all of us by now that Jesus wants us to experience His righteousness. As far as He is concerned, our righteousness is not good enough. As well, we should know that Jesus Christ knows all there is to know about anything and everything.

When Jesus spoke this message, He knew what our problem is. Whenever you think that no one else knows or cares about your problem, let me remind you remind you that Jesus knows it all. That’s right all of it…

Jesus knows what your real problem is. It is that nothing in this world will ever satisfy any of us for very long.


Question: Do you ever find yourself not satisfied even though you know you really don’t need anything?

If so, this verse is what you need.

Most of us do have everything we really will ever need, but perhaps some of us are like the lady from Zambia. At the Pastor’s conference, Pastor Cleddie Keith asked what she wanted. She wept and said,

“I need Jesus to satisfy my needs.”

This woman had a “hunger and thirst” for Jesus.

She knew that no one else would ever satisfy her.

Not everyone knows has this kind of “hunger and thirst”. We want things, but what we need is more of Jesus


Springtime is here and we all know what that means. Garage sales. Yard sales. Everywhere you drive, someone has something in their garage (or, in their yard) they think you will want to buy. Some of these “things” may have only been used or worn once or twice. They may even still have a price tag on them.

At a garage sale we see “things” that someone bought and later realized they were not happy with it anymore. They never really needed that “thing”, but now they realize they don’t even want it. Some of those “things” were bought at a store, or at another garage sale, with the idea that it was going to bring that person satisfaction.

Someone bought some “thing” because it was going to make their life better, or it would make them happy.

I don’t want to sound cynical about having a little fun with frivolous shopping. Most of it is innocent.

Some of it serves a purpose. Some of us enjoy collecting old dishes and old tools. Some have saved money buying second hand clothes and used furniture.

Some of us laugh at others (or, even ourselves) about this strange American phenomenon. Garage sales do have a purpose for hard working folks like you and me.

But I think many would agree with me that there are times when anyone of us can get caught up in shopping. We sometimes spend more than we make because we think these “things” will make us happy.

Jesus knows everything you and I have need of. Perhaps there were garage sales (of some sort) during the days Jesus walked the Earth. I don’t know about that, but I am certain that people have always tried to find satisfaction with the “things” of this Earth.

In one form or another depending on the culture and the amount of income people are people.

Anywhere you go. During any period of time.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you make. The need to find for you and I to be satisfied is real. If we don’t find it, we will keep looking.

Keep looking, my friend, but you won’t find it.

That is, unless you listen to what Jesus has to say.

It is no doubt true that the treasures of this world will never satisfy you for very long.

The treasures of heaven will satisfy you for all eternity.

Listen carefully to how Max Lucado put it.

“What we posses in this life must be held with an opened hand. If we do, then if something is taken from us, it will be nothing more than an inconvenience.”

Quote of the day: “An empty hand should never cause us to have an empty heart.”

Our Father possesses all of the “riches in glory.”

He has everything you have need of in His hands.

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