Summary: #1 He Asked, “Who Am I?” And Was Comforted By The Great I AM #2 He Carried An Earthly Staff With Heavenly Power #3 He Was A Man Of Power In Words & Deeds

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The Life of Moses pt. 2

Pastor Chuck La Porte 01/14/2009

Exodus 3:10-22 Read & Pray

Moses couldn’t believe his ears; God Himself was asking him to return to Egypt and demand the release of the entire Hebrew nation. He was to stand on the same streets where he had committed murder and demand that this oppressive government release two million slaves who did all the work for the soft, lazy overseers.

This would never work; after all, who was he to stand before the premier of the greatest world power in history and demand anything? He was just Moses, and anyway he had already tried to deliver his people forty years ago, and look where it landed him.

Lessons From the Life of Moses:

#1 He Asked, “Who Am I?” And Was Comforted By The Great I AM

Four decades on the backside of the desert had weakened Moses’ understanding of who he was. He was God’s chosen vessel, protected by the hand of the Almighty when all other male children were being killed.

Yet his life was sparred, and he had been given the benefit of the greatest education known to man, up to that point. Yet in that moment of insignificance, he asked the question Who Am I?

The answer to Moses question had nothing to do with him, but had everything to do with God Himself… “I will be with you” was the response from Heaven. God says I will go with you Moses and when you speak I will speak thru you. What a promise…

The objection of Moses was met with devine assurance that the Great God of the universe was on his side…. and whatever opposition he faced would pale in comparison to the majesty of his Lord.

But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all surpassing power is from God and not from us… 2 Cor. 4:7

How often do we as Christians, feel just as overwhelmed as Moses did; just as insignificant and powerless against the forces of evil…

Yet just as God promised to be with Moses, he is with us… Who are you? Your God’s child; now walk in the provision of that blessing…

Have you felt overwhelmed with circumstances lately? embrace the promise of god’s provision for you…

If Moses was going to attempt such an enormous task, he would have to know for sure who was sending him… after all Moses knew what he was going up against… he knew more about the Egyptians that he was being sent to that he knew about the One who was sending him…

In other words Moses knew the streets of Egyptian Kingdom more that he knew the streets of the Kingdom of God…

many people know more about the streets that he have grown up around more than we know the streets of the kingdom of God… we know more about the worldly lifestyles, than we do about the Christian lifestyle that we are called to…

God revealed Himself to Moses in His memorial name to all generations… THE FREAT I AM… the name emphasizes God’s power and self-existance.

the reality of His name to the individual believer is that God is to each person what that person needs at that point in time…

And my God shall supply all my needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

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