Summary: The young rich ruler, dispite his wealth, had a very serious problem-he had a troubled heart. He needed an answer that would ease his concern about his eternal security.


Young student went to his spiritual teacher & asked, "Master, how can I truly find God?" Teacher took student to nearby river & invited him to go into water. When they got to middle of the stream, teacher said, "Please immerse yourself in the water." Student did and immediately teacher put his hands on young man’s head & held him under water. Student began to struggle. Master kept holding him under. Moments passed & student was thrashing & beating the water & air w/ his arms. Still, master held him under water. Finally, student was released & shot up from the water, lungs aching & gasping for air. Teacher waited for a few moments & said, "When you desire God as truly as you desired to breathe the air you just breathed -- then you shall find God."

I invite you to turn w/ me to Matt. 19:16-30. Today we’ll look at three essentials for an abundant life filled with meaning and purpose.

Our story is a familiar one. Yet it’s one we could come to it over & over again to address all of the problems in life. Story is about you & me. It addresses a need and its solution.

What’s one question that is in the heart of every human being? It is the question of what must I do to be at peace with God and myself!

This young man had it all, by the world’s standards, yet lack the one thing he could not buy or obtain on his own. He didn’t have inward peace, which gives our life meaning and purpose!

So he came to Jesus and ask him, “Teacher, what good thing shall I do that I may obtain eternal life? (vs. 16.)

In coming to Jesus & asking this question, this young rich ruler, has given us the first essential practice everyone seeking the peace of God.


His question is a result of some deep soul searching. All the money he had could not bring peace to the inner being in him.


Do you have a similar concern?

Do you have a question/problem to which you have not been able to find an answer to?

This young man was heading in the right direction. He was being prompted by the Holy Spirit to make some changes in His life. And He was sensitive enough to respond!

1. He came to Jesus. (Jesus is the ultimate source).

Surely his money brought him fame and audiences with anyone.

Surely he had asked this question of others before, but he did not get the right response. So he came to Jesus.

2. He listen to Jesus. When Jesus spoke with him, he listened.

He listen & and asked questions. To often we are quick to discount answers and move on without listening.

He had a concern that merited spending time seeking an answer.

How much time do you spend seeking answers to your concerns?

ILLUS> A certain dog had always boasted of his ability as a runner. Then one day a rabbit that he was chasing got away. This brought a lot of ridicule from the other dogs because of his previous boasting. His explanation: ”you must remember that the rabbit was running for his life, while I was only running for my dinner.”

This illustration bring us to the next essential principle in our search for peace resulting in meaning & purpose in our life.

This young rich man was not only CONCERN about his life….


As the rabbit was committed to saving his life by running for his life, so this young rich ruler was committed to finding the right answer.

Certainly he had spoken to Rabbis. They probably told to “Keep commandments of God passed down through Moses.

For sure he had spoken to Pharasiee & Saducees, who told him to keep another 600+ rules and regulations added to the law.

Maybe some other religious teachers told him to give to the poor and on and on. But none of these things gave him PEACE!

So when became COMMITTED to continuing his search-so by the time he came to Jesus, he had probably tried A LOT of things!

Jesus met him with some of the same good advice, He told him, “keep the commandments.” “Which ones”, asked the young rich man. He had heard all these before! Are you going to give something new?

*** How many more commandments or regulations must I keep aside from ones I have done?

So Jesus reminds him of his responsibility to mankind, for those are easier than our responsibility to GOD!

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