Summary: There is a lot in this passage. This message tries to boil it down to the big truths by asking three questions about our "good shepherd."

- At one level, this is a simple passage: Jesus is the Good Shepherd.

- At another level, this passage is not simply understood. There is conflicting imagery (how is Jesus the shepherd and the gate?). It is difficult to get all the pieces to fit cleanly.

- I echo a little the sentiment of v. 6 when they found it difficult to comprehend what Jesus was getting at. Fortunately our situation is better, so I’m confident as we dig we can figure most of it out.

- I’m going to try to simplify what we’re getting at by approaching it as three questions about our good shepherd.

Three Questions about our Good Shepherd:

1. What kind of shepherd do we have? He is legitimate and loving.

- (Legitimate) John 10:2-3a.

- (Loving) John 10:11-13, 15, 17-18.

2. What makes us one of His sheep? We listen and are led.

- (Listen) John 10:3b, 4b-5, 14.

- (Led) John 10:3c, 4a, 8-9a.

3. What is it like being one of His sheep? We are full.

- John 10:9b-10.

a. We find pasture (9b).

b. We experience life to the full (10).

A Final Question: What do you think about Jesus?

- John 10:19-21.

- The divided opinion. So too today.

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