Summary: Life is simpler if we follow Wesley’s three simple rules than 615+ laws. Third, stay in love with God

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Three simple rules (3)

Excerpts taken from the talk (and book) of Bishop Rueben P. Job by the same title

John 21: 15-17

Last two week

Do no harm

Do Good

Today = Stay in love with God

Wesley says = “Stay in love with God by attending all of the ordinances of God...”

All you legalists should have been here last two weeks

“Ordinance” to us means law

We have learned “Loving God, loving neighbor and loving self” fulfills all of the law

John W saw the word differently

Wesley said there are six ways of staying in love (walking closely) with God

= Six spiritual disciplines

Attending regular, public worship

The Lord’s Supper

Private and family prayer

Searching the scriptures

Bible study


He believed these six were essential for the spiritual growth of all baptized believers

Central to our faithfulness to God in Christ

Consistent practice kept those who sought to follow Christ

In touch with the presence and power of Christ

So they could fulfill their desire to live as faithful disciples

To live in harmony with the living God who makes himself know through Jesus Christ and indwells us by the Holy Spirit

Live life from inside out

Spiritual disciplines keep us in the healing, redeeming presence and power that forms and transforms each of us more and more into the image of His son Jesus Christ

Holy living cannot be discovered, achieved and maintained without staying in Love with God

In our scripture reading today, Jesus told us of another way we can stay in love with God

Feeding His sheep, caring for others, providing for His lambs

Loving our neighbor as we love ourselves

Healing the pain, suffering and inequality of our world

It is impossible to be in love with God and not want to see God’s goodness and grace shared with the entire world

What if I am not there yet?

What if I do not have the spiritual life I would like to have?

What if, like Paul, I cannot do good, but do harm?

There is GOOD NEWS

God is a God of second chances

Third, fifth, tenth chances

Anyone that will follow the six disciplines will find...

It becomes more and more difficult to stay where you are

It becomes more and more difficult to continue in sin

Discernment becomes easier

It becomes easier and clearer to hear God’s voice

Choices become easier

If you want to keep sinning, do not follow Wesley’s spiritual disciplines

There are few guarantees in this life

This is one of them

If you attend church regularly,

Partake of the Lord’s Supper

Participate in regular private and family prayer

Study the Bible and Fast

You will find your life, thoughts, heart, feelings, love,

Changing beyond your dreams

Some difficulties

John 21: 18-19

We will ALL go places we do not want to go

Whether saved or not

In 19 Jesus says, “Follow me”

If you stay in love with Jesus, you can

These last 3 weeks promise a new and holy way of living

3 simple rules that promise to change the world

Rules that can be understood and practiced by everyone

A way of living that can guard your life from doing evil and help you to do good

A way of living that provides a way of staying in love with God in this world and the next

A way of living that promises a way to claim & enjoy your full inheritance as children of God

We will not avoid what the first disciples could not

There will be hardships

Will be temptations

We will stumble and fall

GOOD NEWS is we can rise above our denials of Christ, receive forgiveness and begin again

Rules are simple, but way is not easy

Only those with great courage and faith will walk this exciting and challenging way

There are other options, lesser options

Leading to lesser results range from poor to disaster

“My child, do you love me?” “Yes, Lord”

Are we ready to choose this costly way

I believe some are


Rev. O. K. Neal

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