Summary: To think that God’s never seen something seems strange, find out in this message three things that God will never see.

Introduction: I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things in my lifetime.

Cindy when she was walking down the aisle at our wedding.

Beauty of the North Carolina Mountains

The mountains in Germany

There’s been many things I’ve never seen, but to think that there are some things that God has never seen sounds ridiculous. But the truth is there are some things that God has never seen nor will He ever see them.

I want to share with you this morning about three things that God has never seen. I believe this message is for someone hear this morning. I feel that God is wanting to speak to some hearts and let you know that there is hope this morning through Jesus Christ.

I believe God is getting ready to touch you in a powerful way as you open up your hearts and let the Word of God penetrate it this morning.

First of all God has never seen a problem He could not solve

If you’re breathing this morning, you’ve run into problems that you feel that you couldn’t solve. You’ve run into things that seem to overwhelm you.

I’m limited in my ability to meet certain needs. I’m not one of these men that are very good at doing about everything. I’m not like Kenny Baker who’s also known as McGyver, because he can fix about anything.

You ask me about computers and I can help you, but if you want me to fix your car, you better give up. I once tried to find a radiator in a volkswagon. For those of you who may not know, there is none in a little VW Fastback.

We as a church are sometimes limited in what we can physically do for people. We’ve been able to help several people with our emergency food bank. But we were just a temporary solution to their problem.

They would soon eat their last meal, they would soon spend their last dime and would be no better off.

But I know of one this morning who’s supply has never ran out. I know o one who can meet every need. I know of one who owns the cattle on a thousand hills and His name is Wonderful, Prince of Peace, Counselor, Everlasting Father, His name is Jesus!

I think of Moses as he stood before the Red Sea

I think of David and how God guided that stone that killed Goliath

I think of Elijah and how he proved God to be true

I think about Daniel and how God shut the mouths of the lions.

I think about the three Hebrew Children and how God not only took the burn out of the fire, but one likened unto the Son of God, joined them.

We may never need the waters parted, but it’s nice to know when the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord shall raise up a standard against him.

You may never need to slay a giant but when your problems mount against you as giants, you can call on the one who knows how to bring the giants down.

You may never be in a lions den but when the devil comes at you as a roaring lion, seeking to devour you, God can shut the mouth of that lion.

You may never face a fiery furnace, but when you’re in the heat of the battle, Jesus will stand in their with you and provide for you a way to escape.

I believe the Holy Spirit inspired men to write of these great miracles of God so it would be easier for us to trust God for our problems.

No matter how big or how small they may seem, Jesus Christ is waiting patiently for you to ask Him to get involved.

You may be wondering, if God knows I have a need why doesn’t He automatically just meet that need.

It’s because of this simple fact. He wants you to understand that you can’t make it by yourself, you’re limited in your resources and abilities. You must come to the place where you realize that you must rely on Him to help you, to watch over you, to take care of you. And when you do, and you’ve turned that situation or that struggle over to God, then He and He alone will get the glory for what He’s doing in your life.

There are some who go without their needs being met because they’re not living like they should. They’re harboring bitterness and strife in their hearts. They’ve got unconfessed sin in their life.

I’m telling you, if you will come clean with God and confess those areas in your life that you know shouldn’t be their, you will experience freedom like you’ve never had, you will experience they weight of sin lifted off of you, you will find Revival in your soul. But you must turn it all over to Him.

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