Summary: Revival / Membership awareness

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LUKE 16:19 - 31

Come tonight let us examine the story of Lazarus and the rich man as this story expose three things in hell that the church need


FIRE can represent a lot of things – but tonight let us take a look at the spiritual side of fire

In verse 24 Diadees testify that while Lazarus in the bosom of Abraham – He was burning in the flames...

I’ve learned that it’s better to let the Spirit burn you on this side — than to burn for eternity on the other side.

FIRE (PUR) the Holiness of God / Divine Judgement testing the deeds of the believers / The Judgement seat of Christ / The Presence of the Holy Spirit

Every christian should operate with a Jeremiah mantality — Fire should be shut up in side of you

When the church don’t have fire — it dismisses the foundation on which it was founded.

The absence of fire cause the church to become cold and loveless – Sometimes we have the nerve to moan the moan – Lord come in the building – if you don’t stay long. . .

There is something special about this fire

You see – it’s not a fire that destroys — but a fire that builds up

Fire melts colds and frozen hearts

Fire causes stiffnecked christians to move honor and obey

Fire serves as warmth in a cold surrounding – there is nothing like being around a christian that pray.

Fire changes the appearance

Fire purges impurities

Fire strengthen

Fire gives light

Fire seperates

Note that while in the mortal — Lazarus and the rich man were separated economically – but in the immortal – fire separated them spiritually...

Fire separates the church from the world

Fire separates the sinner from the saint

Fire separates the lost form the redeemed

It was fire that lead the children of Israel by night

Fire separated the children of Israel from the army of Pharaoh

Fire was called down from heaven by Elijah

Fire caused Nebuchadnezzar to believe in the three Hebrew Boys God

Fire destroyed sodom and gormorra

Fire consummated Solomon’s prayer

Fire will show up when you least expect it

It was present at the gates of Eden

In the Bones of Jeremiah

IN the temple with Isaiah

On top of Mt. Sinai

On the tails of 300 foxes

On the tongues of the apostles

MY brothers and My sisters I believe that the church ought be like the burning bush — Burning with fire – But be not consumed.

I wonder tonight church – If you can feel the fire

Next there is PRAYER

While living on earth – the rich man never found time to pray – get up in the morning and go about his business – go all day long and never say thank you Jesus – Go to bed at night and don’t go in the secret closet — Do I have any prayer warriors in the house –

In verse 27 — while down in hell – NOW Diadees can find time to pray – Look what he says – I pray the therefore. . .

Don’t wait to late to pray – Don’t wait and pray the therefore

If a christian is lacking spiritual power – it could be that there is not much time spent in prayer

Note Here is you will

In Psalms 55:17 – David give the rules of prayer –

Daniel 6:10b – Daniel gives the posture of prayer

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