Summary: Three touches of Jesus

First Touch

1. Retirement from Worldly Association- Vs. 23

“Jesus took the blind man by his hand and led him outside the village”. Before healing, Jesus first touched this blind man’s hand and separate him from the crowd.

This town of Bethsaida was known to have unbelief and called for repentance (Mathew 11:21,22). This town is filled with people of unbelief and sin. There were asked to turn around and change their old minds.

Jesus took this blind from among those people who are having disbelief. If they were there, blind man could have heard lots of disbelief words and discouragement from the crowd. And so Jesus wanted him to retire from those worldly disturbances, association and disbelief. He wanted this man to have faith in Jesus. He wanted this blind man to hear Jesus voice and words only which will boost up his belief. That is Jesus took him outside of village.

For having the touch of Jesus, before healing, miracle, victory, there needs to be a separation. In the OT, we see God separated saints before blessings, and victories

A. Abraham

- God asked him to separate his family. God did not want to do anything in Abraham’s life amid idols. God wanted to change Abraham from his father’s leadership to HIS leadership

B. Joseph

Joshes was separated from his own family, separated from his inheritance, his friends, culture etc. God did not want to do anything amid jealous presence.

C. David

David was separated from his family, wife, poisons etc. God did not want to do anything amid disobedience

Sometimes, we are guided to separated and retire from worldly association in order to be used more, received God’s blessings and elevations.

Second Touch

2. Learning the Law with discipline to strengthen them- vs. 23b

Jesus spit on his eyes and put His hands on him and so touched him second time.

Spiting is a shameful and painful thing. It is really a humiliation. Blind man followed Jesus from the village, leaving friends and family. He was having a hope to be healed. But when he was alone with Jesus, He spit on his eyes. Blind man could have shocked and got more pain in heart. Nobody here to comfort him, to encourage him by Jesus. Blind man had been having pain of blindness. Now more pain from the one who he put his trust and expected healing.

But, he started seeing little after a long time. When he was with everyone, he was totally blind. When he was with Jesus, started seeing something.

A. Abraham

When he was separated, he ended up in wilderness, no house, problem with his brother Lot, pain in the family etc. BUT got Ishmael and Isaac

B. Joseph

When he was separated, he got a great pain in the pit, Potiphar’s house, accusations, loneliness in the dungeon, etc. BUT became the leader of Potiphar’s house, leader at the prison

C. David

When he was separated, received pain at King’s house, wife’s own father tried to kill him, experienced loneliness in the wilderness, BUT became the leader in the wilderness, because strong, have a blessed family

Before full healing, freedom, blessing, had to go through certain pain. But it is for good if you are with JESUS.

Third Touch

3. Restoration/Wholeness- vs. 25

Jesus touch him thirdly on blind man’s eyes and his eyes were healed and restored and saw everything.

Blind man should leave the crowd, worldly association, sin and go through certain painful experience which strengthen his faith and got full restoration.

A. Abraham

Abraham was exceedingly blessed

B. Joseph

Joseph became the Prime Minister

C. David

David became the King

We all need three touches of Jesus. Before receive full healing and blessings, one should separate himself from worldly association, and strengthen by the word of God.

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