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Summary: The Epiphany story is often overlooked, or focuses only on the first part of the story. The Epiphany story groups manhood into three groups.

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Three Types of Men and Their Legacies

Matthew 2:1-23

The Wise Men

A. Wise Men Seek, v. 1, Magi Searched the Scriptures (background)

B. Wise Men Ask, v. 2

C. Wise Men Knock, v.11

D. The Legacy of Wise Men Is Riches

The Mad Man

A. The Mad Man Causes Intrigue

B. The Mad Man Causes Trouble

C. The Mad Man Causes Slaughter

D. The Legacy of Mad Men Is Death

The Godly Father

A. Godly Fathers Listen to God, v. 13

B. Godly Fathers Obey God, vv. 14-15a, vv. 21-22

C. Godly Fathers Protect Children, vv. 14, 22

D. The Legacy of Godly Fathers Is Life

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