Summary: You were made for more than to barely get by or merely survive. You were made to come alive in Christ, strive toward Him, and thrive in your life.

You were made for more than to just barely get by or merely survive… you were made to come alive in Christ, to strive toward Him and thrive in your life. We are called as Christians to be more than conquerors through Christ, Who loves us and lives through us.

The best kept secret in the body of Christ is the blessed life. The blessed life offers to the believer a greater clarity, a higher quality, and a deeper integrity. The secret to seeing your signature life is finding your path and fulfilling your purpose for which God created you and has called you. This is the desire of my heart, for every disciple to discover the dynamic life that Jesus Christ died for them to live and experience.

Last week, we kicked off this series, “Thrive”, and we discovered how we can thrive in our time. We were able to see how the measure of our life is reflected by the treasure of our time. The influence of our life is determined how we choose to invest our time.

This week, in our second installment of the series, we will discover how we can thrive in our thought life.

It has been said, “You are what you eat…” I believe it is even more true, “You are what you think…”

"As a man thinks in his heart... (the Bible says) so is he."

If we desire to thrive in our life, then we must discover our thought life. Our thought life can hinder us or it can help us when it comes to honoring the Lord with our heart and life.

The word, “thinks” means to continually meditate on and constantly evaluate. Where your mind wanders, determines where your life goes.

What is becoming of my life will be determined by what is befitting of my mind.

A little boy went out to the backyard to play with a baseball bat and a ball. He said to himself, "I am the best hitter in the world."

Then he threw the ball up in the air and took a swing at it, but he missed.

With¬out a moment’s hesitation, he picked up the ball and tossed it in the air again, saying as he swung the bat, "I’m the best hitter in all the world." He swung and missed. Strike two.

He tossed the ball up A THIRD TIME, con¬centrating more intensely, even more determined, saying, "I am the best hitter in all the world!" He swung the bat with all his might. Whiff! Missed again!! Strike three.

The little boy laid down his bat and smiled real big. "What do you know?" he said. "I’m the best pitcher in all the world!"

Now that’s a good attitude! Sometimes you simply have to choose to see the bright side of bitter situations. When things don’t work out as you planned, rather than complaining about it which changes nothing, look for something good in your circumstances… a way to grow from your circumstances. Look for lessons in your experience. Fill your mind with good thoughts.

Changing your thought life can change how you receive and respond to life. If you are willing to change your thoughts, you can change your world.

I. The Recognition of Your Mind

It has been said, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. What makes the mind such a terrible thing to waste? I believe it is because, if you waste your mind, then you waste your life. Like the mind, a life is a terrible thing to waste.

There is a link between what you do, and the way you think. Behind our behavioral patterns whether constructive or counterproductive are thought processes.

This is why the Bible teaches us to "above all else, guard your hearts, for everything you do flows from it."

This word, “heart” speaks of the core of our being, our thoughts and desires.

The best way to guard your heart is to give your heart to God. Each moment of every day.

A Sunday School teacher asked her class what they were thankful for. One little boy said, "My glasses." When asked why he was thankful for his glasses when most little boys were bitter about wearing them, he said, "Because they keep the boys from fighting me and the girls from kissing me."

I Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.” Give thanks in all circumstances. Or praise the Lord in all circumstances. That doesn’t mean you like every circumstance of your life. It’s just you can see more than just the negative things in your life. You see the positive, the good and you praise the Lord for them.

A jobless man applied for the position of “office boy” at Microsoft. The HR manager interviewed him then watched him cleaning the floor as a test. “You are hired,” he said. ”Give me your e-mail address and I’ll send you the application to fill in, as well as date when you may start.” The man replied, “But I don’t have a computer nor an email address.”

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