Summary: Everyone needs some solid encouragement during trying times like the times we are experiencing today.

Scripture: Psalms 37:25

Title: “Through It All!”

Introduction: Have you noticed lately the increasing number of difficulties occurring in the lives of so many people?

 The complexity of these difficulties are mind-boggling.

 Have you talked to anyone lately that doesn’t have some kind of a major problem that they were dealing with or they’re maxed out on stress?

 Where can we find help?


a. I don’t believe there has ever been a time when so many people have so much difficulty believing in God, both in the church and in the world. (WHY IS THIS?)

b. Let’s take a look at Jeremiah 8. – The people of Jeremiah’s day had turned away from God – They had grown stubborn in their ways – They were pursuing their own ways over God’s ways – The prophets were preaching lies.

c. Jer. 8:19 – 22 – We hear the weeping prophet saying, “Is not the Lord in Zion?”– “Is there no BALM in Giliad; is there no physician there?”

d. Of course, the answer is YES! – Then why are there so many people hurting and in trouble?

e. The people have not applied to THE Physician. – They have sought NO remedy. – They have NEGLECTED the ONE sure source of help.

f. No wonder the weeping prophet Jeremiah’s heart was breaking under his heavy load of GRIEF.

g. The DISEASE of sin is destroying the church of our day.

h. There is a CURE! – His name is Jesus!


a. All of us are going to have to go THROUGH some things as we live out our life here on planet earth.

b. In Psalms 23:4 David said, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: . . .”

c. Life can become nothing more than a “Valley of Shadows” sometimes. (Shadows are caused by something BLOCKING the LIGHT)

d. Sometimes things get in the way of the LIGHT of God and we can’t see things CLEARLY!

e. You can stop in the valley and embrace DEATH or you can WALK on THROUGH and come out on the other side into the LIGHT of God.

f. In Matthew 14:24 – 32 Jesus INVITED Peter to step out into the STORM – SWEPT sea! - Peter obeyed and after a few steps he began to sink. – But he came through the STORM unharmed!

g. The KEY is going THROUGH!

h. What are you going through?

i. The threat of DEATH – An overwhelming STORM – SICKNESS that seems to never end – LONLINESS – HABITS – DEPRESSION – AND the list can go on almost forever.


a. Through it all I’ve LEARNED to TRUST in Jesus – I’ve learned to trust in God.

b. Through it all I’ve learned to TRUST upon HIS WORD!

c. Through it all – God STILL works!

d. Through it all – Prayer STILL works!

e. Through it all – Fasting STILL works!

f. Through it all – Serving God STILL works!

g. Through it all – TITHING STILL works!

h. Through it all – FAITH STILL WORKS!

i. Through it all – The HOLY SPIRIT STILL works!

j. The ONLY way you can LEARN these things is to TRY THEM!

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