Summary: In order to get to Jesus, You have to go past the crowd just like the woman with the issue of blood.


There are many miracles of healings recorded in the New Testament that were performed by Jesus. And each is a demonstration of the Master’s power over diseases. Jesus’s miracles imply an exercise of creative power. They are a part of God’s way of authenticating the mission of Jesus. For I belive that if Jesus had not done works that no other man had ever done, folk would not have believed that he was sent from God.

One of the miracles that Jesus performed was the healing of the woman who had suffered 12 years with an infirmity who is described in the passage from which our text is taken.

Remedies that had been employed to bring this woman relief were without any results. She had gone to doctors here and there. She had tried every home remedy that she could think of and everything that every one else had told her to try and now after all of that she had spent everything that she had. And still on top of that she didn’t get any better, she didn’t stay the same, but the bible says that she grew worse.

It seems that this woman was like some of us. We try everything else before we try Jesus and when everything else has fialed, then we decide to try Jesus. But my experience as a Child of God is that there are conditions and situtations that only Christ can remeday and if we try to handle them ourselves we only make things worse.

My bible tells me that this woman had heard that Jesus was passing through the city. But when this woman got to Jesus there was a crowd around him. She did not worry about the crowd, she just kept pressing her way through.

I admire this woman because she didn’t let the crowd stop her from getting to Jesus. But I’m might afraid that the crowd in the church will stop some of us so called saved folk from getting to Jesus. Let’s look at the church.

The church is an assembly of baptized believers in Christ doing God’s work in this world. The church is one body with many members. And as the hand is part of the body, so you and I are part of the church. If the hand is not functioning, the body is crippled. If you are not serving God in your fullest capacity, the church is crippled that much.

The primary mission of the church is to make disciples. It is not the mission of the church to make a better world, but to win the men of the world to Christ. Our bisuiness is not to clean up the ghettos but to clean up the hearts of men and women in the ghettos. Our mission is not to bring peace to the nations, but the peace of God that passeth all understanding to every man, woman, girl or boy. The mission of the church is not reformation but regeneration, not for men to reform, but to be reborn.

For over 1900 years, the chruch has boasted that we are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation. But now, as we move into the 21st century, "The Gosepel is getting ashamed of us."

Somewhere in time, we have failed to produce strong Christians. We know how to produce harmonious choirs, attentive ushers, organized decons, trusted trustees and reliable Pstor`s aids. We know how to produce New buildings, but the question is do we know how to warn men, women, girls, and boys that the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.

We as children of God have been called out in order to do the work of the Lord. And a lot of us are going along with the crowd. If we deeply desire to do God’s work, it is going to cost us something. If you have been Saved, Santified, and baptized with the holy ghost that means you are called of God. Each of us have a call upon our lives to fullfill the specific plan and purpose which God has ordained for us. Even before we became children of God, that call was there, for God chose us before the foundation of the world. While we were yet in our mother’s womb, God had alrady chosen us for a specific job. We all have a job to do and nobody else can do our job for us. If God would have wanted me to do your job, he wouldn’t have needed you.

People are hypocritical. You think that they are with you, but you find out that they are tearing you down. Folk will hug and kiss you on Sunday morning and Sunday night they are on the phone talking behind your back. Jealosies, petty gossip, lying, backbitting, cheating, not only in the world but it is happeing in the church. The church needs to do more feeding and less eating. The church needs to do more studying and less gossipping. The church needs to do more praying and less playing.

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Annette Douthit

commented on Jun 26, 2007

Awesome word, may God be the Glory!!

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