Summary: A clear outlined message on how to see through the eyes of faith.

Introduction: It has been said that the blind often see more than people who have physical sight. one reason is this because they have to rely more heavily on their other senses sight as hearing, smell and touch. I suspect the main reason is because they are forced to live more of a life of faith. Faith that trusts others more than most of us would be willing to do. This mornings message is about a man who was physically blind but saw plenty spiritually.

Transition: Many times when the Bible speaks of blindness it usually speaks of those who are blinded in their physical eyes. ( Matthew 9:27-31 ) There are other times when blindness refers to the inability to see spiritual things. ( Is. 9:2 & Romans 1:19-22, 1 John 1:6-8 )Our prayer should be that God would open our spiritual eyes to his truth ( Ephesians 1:18 )Paul was writting this prayer to believers so it is clear that christians need their blinders removed from time to time! In our passage this morning it is clear that Bartimaeus saw the following things without physical sight...........

1. He saw past his own DESTINY Vs. 46

Bartimaeus father is mentioned in this passage for a key reason. Other blind beggars are not. His father Timeus meand dirty or defiled therefore his the son of the defiled. Bartimaeus did not let this status hold him back. He saw past his potential heritage! He refused to settle for the excuse "This is how I was raised." ( Exodus 34:6-7, John 3:5-8 )

2. He saw past his own DISABILITY Vs. 47

Bartimaeus did not have sight biut he did use his ears to hear that Jesus was there. He did not sulk on what he did not have instead he use what he did have. Bible says that faith comes by hearing.. ( Romans 10:17 ) Faith therefore arose by what he heard. This is why we must feed our faith the word of God and hence starve our doubts. He used what he had to produce faith.

3. He saw past his own DIGNITY Vs. 48

Bartimaeus activated his faith by calling out to the Lord in faith by shouting. This is unusual because Jewish men were not to shout in public. Faith must be activated with a profession. ( Romans 10:13 Psalm 47:1 ) Souting more envokes courage on our part. In fact did not God use the shout to tumble the walls of Jerico? David also lost all dignity as he daced before the Lord. 2 Samuel 6:12-23.

4. He saw past his own DOUBT Vs. 49

The faith of Bartimaeus literally stopped Jesus in His tracks. Faith always gets the attention of the Lord. Jesus is said to have marveled at another mans faith in Matthew 8:10. Faith believes God without seeing in advance. Without faith we cannot please God. ( Hebrews 11:6 )

5. He saw past his own DEMISE vS. 50-52A.

A beggar like Bartimaeus would usually wear a cloak to protect himself from both extreme heat and cold. It was also use to conceal their shameful identity. We will notice here that he removed the cloak as an act of openess and faith. This happened before the miracle came. Bartimaeus was saying "I don’t need this anymore!" He saw past the present to a future of hope. The old garment was traded for the new garment of righteousness. ( Isaiah 61:10 )

6. He saw past his own DIRECTION Vs. 52B.

The words made you whole come from the Greek word SOZO which means to save. Bartimaeus was saved from his plight and for all of eternity. the Bible says in this passage that he then followed Jesus. The life of begging was officially over. Faith always changes our direction. Notice that the verse says that his faith made him whole. Faith is the tube extened heavenward with the anticipation that God will send a blessing down. God works through our faith. ( Ephesians 2:8-9 )Jesus cannot move mightily where there is no faith ( Mark 6:5 ) It takes faith to make a major life adjustment once we are used to another way of life. Bartimaeus changed direction. Faith in action always results in a change of direction.

Review and closing prayer

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