Summary: No person or church is insignificant and beyond the correcting power of Jesus Christ.

Revelation 2:18-29

Thyatira: The Politically Correct Church

The Setting 18a

Thyatira was a small insignificant church in a blue collar town. It was about forty miles southeast of Pergamos. It was noted for its guilds (labor unions) and a strong political and social environment. Their main industries manufactured purple dye, wool and linen. They also had leather workers, makers of outer garments, tanners, bakers, slave dealers, and bronze smiths. But they also tolerated false doctrine and rampant sin in His church! Since the church belongs to Jesus there are no insignificant churches. The messenger or pastor was to deliver a message from Jesus to the church in Thyatira.

Their Source 18b

In this verse, we see His deity. He is not called the Son of Man which refers to His humility, but the Son of God who reasserts His authority. He is in control.

We also see His intensity. Jesus examines not only our actions but our motives and secret thoughts! He peers deep within our soul because we belong to Him.

And then we see His purity. Jesus has been through the fire and is holy and pure. He set the standard and He is our Savior!

Their Strengths 19

Jesus says, “I know…” What He really saw was their works. God really does know when we are serving Him and when we are not. He knows and sees their love and service. This refers to their selfless love as well as their willingness to get their hands dirty in work. There was no retirement scheduled for these folks. He notices their faith and patience. And yes, their works. There was more vitality, growth, service, faith and patience now than when they first started. Wow, what a Savior!

Their Sacrilege 20-23

Having given them a correct evaluation on what He knows, Jesus now voices His concern. All is not well in His church. Someone was leading them astray and the Lord wants the pastor and church to confront the issue. He was concerned about four aspects of this deceptive teacher.

There was the issue regarding her character. Jesus refers to her as Jezebel. (See 1 Kings 16:30-31) Her influence over Ahab and Israel held dire consequences for the nation.

This false teacher had many conquests. She deceived many new believers in the church.

Jesus simply exposed her condition. He gave her time to repent but she would not.

He then speaks of her condemnation. Not only does she suffer but her spiritual offspring will suffer as well unless they repent.

Their Solution 24-25

Jesus returns His focus to the church. With doctrinal heresy growing exponentially in the church, He advises His children to do two things.

He tells them to stay true. Keep your attention upon Him!

Second, He tells them to hold fast to what they have. They are to keep their faith in the Savior.

Their Success 26-29

Jesus gives us His final words in verses 26-29. Jesus promises that those who stay true and hold fast will be the victors. We are over comers through Him! He also tells us that we are warriors. We come back with Jesus as He reveals His authority and majesty to mankind! And finally, there are the blessings. He provides us with hope in the darkest hour of humanity that we will have Him!

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