Summary: The interaction between Jesus and His disciples in this passage illustrates present realities in our lives as His followers.

Intro - Reality is what the Bible declares is true, not what others think or what I feel. Jesus is Truth Jn14:6

1-The Reality of Pursuit - I must choose to follow Jesus, it was following Jesus that led the disciples into the garden of Gethsemane and the drama that ensues.

(and they came to a place which was named Gethsemane)

2-The Reality of Pressure- God allows pressure into my life in order to reveal His Son through me. Gethsemane - olive press/ pressure applied to olives to release the beneficial oil. In similar fashion, pressure applied to our lives is designed to release the life of Christ through us.

3-The Reality of Purpose - God desires to accomplish His purposes through my life. My desire for peace or pleasure may interfere.

(He takes with Him, He says to them, He comes and finds them, He went away, He returns)

4-The Reality of Presence - No matter where He sends me, He has already gone before me and also goes with me.

(He takes with him Peter and James and John...He went a little further)

5-The Reality of Preparation - When God singles me out, He is preparing us for something greater. All were sleeping but He only confronted Peter? He was preparing Peter for what was yet ahead of this man who would rise up as a Spirit-filled leader in Acts.

6-The Reality of Providence - Even in our failure, God is in control and watches over us.

(:41 Sleep on now and take your rest...rise up let us go (I believe there is a gap between rest and rise) (This is in context of His command to 'watch and pray' yet they slept, three times)

:37 He come and finds THEM sleeping, and says to PETER)

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