Summary: When God sent His only Son into the Word, He did so right on time! God will work right on time in your life as well if you will let Him.

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Timing is Everything!

Galatians 3:26-4:7

Dr. Clay Hallmark

Pastor, First Baptist Church, Marion, Arkansas

I love the Christmas season, don’t you? I get excited just seeing how excited my kids are this time of the year. I love preaching at Christmas time. There are just so many things to preach at Christmas: Shepherds, WiseMen, Mary & Joseph, The Inn, The Angels, or the prophectic passages of the OT. Choosing what to preach at Christmas is like having to choose between Banana pudding and chocolate cake. It is all good!

Galatians 3:26-4:7 may seem like an unusual passage of scripture for Christmas. In Galatians 3 and 4, the Apostle Paul is writing to the church at Galatia to remind them of the purpose for their Christian faith. The key to this passage will be found in 4:4-5 because in those 2 verses Paul is quick to point out to the Galatian Christians that it is because of that 1st Christmas that we can be saved and become Children of God. This morning Paul helps the Galatians and us see how we can have a personal relationship with the creator of all the universe!

I think we can learn some lessons about how God works in our world and in our lives. Notice the following 3 lessons about the Lord. . .


Now let me ask you a question . . . How many of you like to be on time? I do too! If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is to be late. At our house we have a running joke because my wife is always 15 minutes late to everything. We say at our house there is Central Standard Time and “my wife” Standard Time.

Here Paul shows us how the Lord was right on time! What did Paul mean when he said, “When the time had fully come” or as the KJV says, “When the fullness of time was come”? Paul meant, “When the time was perfectly right, God sent His one and only Son.”

As American people, we are (by nature) a very impatient people. Because we live in a society of instant news, weather, and current events, we want things right when we want them. We bring this attitude to the things of God. We want our prayers answers right now. We want God to work on our behalf right now. When difficulties persist or we do not see God moving, we become impatient because God’s timing is not our timing!

Paul reminds us how Christmas teaches us that God is never too soon or never too late. The Lord is always right on time!


1. Joseph sold into slavery by brothers, imprisoned, but at just the right time, God made him prime minister of Egypt and he saved his people from famine.

2. Moses had gone from being the grandson of the Pharoah to the land of Midian tending his father-n-law’s sheep. When the time was right God called him to lead his people. It was during that time when he had no real direction or purpose in life that God showed up right on time and called him.

3. RED SEA experience- Moses did not panic, rather he trusted in God who ware right on time.

4. The 3 Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace. God showed up right on time.

The Lord’s timing is still perfect today! Notice 3 truths:

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Paul Mazzio

commented on Jul 5, 2008

Thank you Clay for your message it was helpful to me! Blessings!

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