Summary: A look at Spiritual Growth according to Paul


. A. Older men (vs.2)

B. Older woman (vs.3)

C. Younger woman (vs. 4-5)

D. Young men (vs. 6)

E. slaves (vs. 9-10)

II. Curriculum to be taught

A. In accordance with sound doctrine

B. The true Christian teachings

I. Older men are addressed first

Four characteristics

1. Sober minded (sense of clear headed)

2. Grave (demeanor of seriousness, respectfulmess)

3. Temperate (prudent self-control)

4. Sound in:

a. faith (trust in God)

b. Love (towards others)

c. endurance

5. Physical maturity and Spiritual maturity make us examples to younger


II. Older woman: (likewise,) all of the above and in addition too:

1. Should reflect lifestyle of a holy person (modeling is the best teaching)

a. behavior and demeanor

b. reflect character and disposition

2. Not malicious gossips

3. Not controlled by wine

4. Teaching what is good (encourage, advise, urge)

a. sober (clear minded)

b. love their husbands and children

c. to be prudent, thoughtful)

d. to be self-controled

e. to be pure (thoughts and actions)

f. busy at home (diligent homemakers)

g. kind

h. continually submitting themselves to their own husbands

5. That God’s word may not be dishonored

6. Godly conduct from all age groups keeps God’s message from being ill

spoken of.

III. Young men:

1. Be sober (clear headed)

2. Exhibiting good works (fruit)

3. In teaching:

a. soundness

b. seriousness

4. correct speech (beyond reproach)

- Why? That the evil speakers may be ashamed to accuse you.

IV. Slaves:

1. Voluntarily submit yourself, in all aspects, to your own master

2. Do acceptable work

3. Don’t talk back (no sassing)

4. Do not steal

5. Show your faithfulness to earthly master and God

6. That your life may bring credit to sound teaching

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