Summary: Just as with athletics, being a champion in your Christian walk is greatly influenced by your preparations.

To Be A Champion

1 Cor. 9:24-27

2 Sam. 18:28

I. You must be a part of the team

A. Jesus is the coach - the head of the body

1. What He commands we are to do

2. He has given us an open invitation to join Him

a. Salvation

b. Ministry

c. In eternity

B. You must be disciplined

1. Daily habits develop effectiveness on the field of life

a. Bible study - Study of the playbook, know your team,

know your opponent, know your position.

b. Prayer - Time to talk to the coach, gain

encouragement and guidance

c. Worship - Respect for the coach

C. You must work as a team

1. God has gifted each and every person with unique gifts and

talents. Quarterbacks don’t play the defensive line, Lineman

are not meant to be wide receivers.

2. The body of Christ works best when we utilize are God given

talents and abilities.

3. The team acts in unison under the guidance of the coach.

4. Teamates teach, encourage, maintain accountability

Conclusion: Are you a part of a winning team

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